Swiss Army Man


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 66%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by masonissuperman 3 / 10

Didn't Need to Be a Feature Film

Swiss Army Man opens with 5 minutes of fart jokes which really sets the scene for this movie. If you find stuff like that funny this movie will make an alright comedy, if you don't this movie has very little redeeming factors.

If it was solely a toilet humor comedy I wouldn't really have an issue with this movei but it tries to be philosophical (not subtlety either) having this whole 'enjoy life for what its worth' message to it. Which is a message that has been done millions of times before.

Another thing is that this movie is 97 minutes long which it really doesn't need to be but the directors seem so intent on drilling this message into your head they have to derail the objective of the main characters every 5 minutes to show you the 'value of the little things in life'.

By far the best thing in this film is the way it's shot during the montages other than that this movie is mediocre at best.

Swiss Army Man isn't offensively bad but it isn't worth your time.

Reviewed by itsyaboysnocone 10 / 10

Hold up!


Reviewed by Renegade X 2 / 10

First 5 minutes was decent, downhill from there. Give this a miss! Watch "Cast Away" (or anything else) instead!

Without spoiling anything that's not in the synopsis, the film opens with our main character on a desert island, about to hang himself out of desperation -- when a dead body suddenly washes up on shore and causes him to reconsider. Okay... that was unexpected and I wanted to see where this was going. As the film's upbeat opening credits montage rolls, we see that the dead guy provides our protagonist with an unexpected use. By this point, I was already guessing that based on the film's title, the dead man would provide other survival-related functions, a bit like a Swiss Army Knife. Cool. Okay, so that having been established, what's next? Well, as it happens, not a whole lot. And that's a shame.

As a 10-minute short film, SAM could have worked -- but as a feature-length film, it just drags and drags. I'd already read some reviews, including the one in my local (major city) newspaper, and was aware this film wasn't for everyone. But the paper's respected reviewer gave this film 3 stars out of 4 and closed by saying, "all bets are off as to where this story is headed. But it's impossible not to get caught up in it, even if you're simultaneously repelled by it." -- though after the 20-minute mark, that couldn't be any *further* from the truth. After enduring the film first 30 minutes and wondering "Is this going somewhere?" (the protagonist wasn't), we gave it another 10 minutes, then agreed to switch it off. And that's something we very rarely do -- like once or twice every 5 years, maybe.

The next day, having looked through the "Ordered By: Helpfulness" reviews here on IMDb and seen so many high ratings and positive reviews , I decided to continue the movie, solo. I'm open minded, and no, I wasn't repulsed. But I also wasn't amused, entertained, or interested in any of the characters. I didn't find it at all "intelligent", as I'd seen some reviewers say, I didn't find anything redeeming about it, other than those first few opening minutes.

Without spoiling the ending, the last 13 minutes of the film are so contrived that if you weren't already saying "This is stupid!", then you have no excuse not to be now. And not surprisingly, the movie even ends with a fizzle.

Is Swiss Army Man unique? Sure. Is it worth watching? Most definitely not. If you do choose to watch it, well, you were warned!

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