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Jason Clarke as Frank
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David Lyons as Colin
Robert Mammone as Logan
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Reviewed by sydneyswesternsuburbs 10 / 10

Classic Aussie Crime Flick Part 2

Director and writer Craig Lahiff who also created another classic flick, Heavens Burning 19997 has created another gem in Swerve which is a remake of his other classic Aussie crime flick, Fever 1988.

Starring Jason Clarke who has also starred in other classic flicks, Everest 2015, Terminator Genisys 2015, White House Down 2013, Zero Dark Thirty 2012, Death Race 2008, Rabbit-Proof Fence 2002, Better than Sex 2000 and Praise 1998.

Also starring Emma Booth who has also starred in another classic flick, Tracks 2013 and a season of the classic Aussie TV series, Underbelly 2008-2013.

Also starring David Lyons who has also starred in another classic flick, Storm Warning 2007.

Also starring Vince Colosimo who has also starred in other classic Aussie crime flicks, Chopper 2000 and The Hard Word 2002 and other classic flicks, Daybreakers 2009, Body of Lies 2008, Scorched 2008 and other classic TV series, Fat Tony & Co 2014, Spartacus: War of the Damned 2013 and a season of Underbelly 2008-2013.

I enjoyed the Australian outback scenery.

If you enjoyed this as much as I did, then check out other classic Aussie Crime flicks, Animal Kingdom 2010, The Snowtown Murders 2011, Restraint 2008, Kiss or Kill 1997, The Square 2008, Storage 2009, Idiot Box 1996, Son of a Gun 2014, The Line 2007, Dragon Flies 1975, Small Crimes 2017 and Cut Snake 2014.

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 6 / 10

Underachieving Neo-Noir from Down Under

Another Neo-Noir, this One from Austrailia, in the Tradition of John Dahl's Red Rock West (1993) and Oliver Stone's U-Turn (1997). Throw in a Little Coen Brothers and a Dash of Everything Else Ever in this Type of Thing and You have a Watered Down Version of Some Very Good and Entertaining Films in the Neo-Noir Genre.

Unfortunately this is Nothing New and so Irritatingly Nothing New and that Keeps it from Becoming Remarkable. It isn't Bad its just a Bit Wearisome and Not that Well Crafted. There are Some Glaring Edits and Transitions that are Head Scratchers and Confusing. The Gist is that They just don't Make Any Logical Sense.

The Appearance of a Formerly Beat Up Car, looking Raring and Ready to Go and the Jarring Scene where Our "Victim" of the Femme Fatale is Shown One Minute in a Watery Well and the Next is in Some Subterranean Situation of Tunnels and a Surprise.

It is Worth a Watch for Some Striking Cinematography and a Quirky Score and the Thing Moves Along at a Pounding Pace. There is Fun to be had here if the Thinking Cap is Removed and the Popcorn is Buttery, but there isn't Much Style and the Inclusion of the Marching Bands as Something Edgy is More Corny than Cool.

Reviewed by movies_my_way 8 / 10

'Right turn, right place, right time'

I saw Swerve at the Melbourne International Film Festival last year. What a ride! The films' director Craig Lahiff (previous film fame Heavens' Burning (Russell Crowe) and Black and White (Robert Carlyle)) prefaced the screening by saying "have fun" – I sure did! Too often Aussie audiences seem to take Aussie films too seriously, this was just good old' entertainment and the audience really got into it! Swerve is an action packed and sexy neo-noir thriller with twists, turns and all sorts of goodies in-between. It's a confident film and knows how to have some fun. The twisting plot always keeps you on your toes and the hot Aussie stars David Lyons, Emma Booth and Jason Clarke are all well cast for their roles. It was great to see an Australian film with some proper action in it. Roy Billing and Chris Haywood make some colorful cameos. Travis McMahon plays a ripper of a bad guy and it was good to see Vince Colosimo in some rough-house fight sequences. Hopefully Swerve comes out in cinemas soon – everywhere it plays it gets a great response. Australia should make more movies like this!

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