Sweet Virginia


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
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Imogen Poots as Lila
Jonathan Tucker as Mitchel Mccabe
Rosemarie DeWitt as Bernadette
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by screechy_jim 7 / 10

A Good film, but an unsatiated experience.

This is one of those films which goes round in your head for hours or days after you've watched it. I wouldn't at all be surprised if it achieves cult status, with debates on its merits and shortfalls continuing for some time. It often felt like it was on the brink of something exceptional, but that never quite manages to break through to that accolade and even though it certainly swept me away in places, I came away not fully satisfied.

Without question it is a very powerful film and there is much to love here. It's great work. The cast is superb. Jon Bernthal who plays Sam 'slam dunks' this role like he does every one, and really was a perfect choice for this part. Actually, the whole cast is superb. Christopher Abbott does a similarly excellent portrayal with the chillingly edgy and psychotic Elwood.

Its a deep and rich story, well constructed and thick with the intricacies of real life and complex relationships. There's no glossing over the plot with thin filmed convenience or casual coincidence, it as detailed story that unfolds well and delivers how a good thriller should.

The characters all have well constructed identities that give the film excellent realism. Bernthal's character has more meat on its bones than an Angus steak. Great care has been taken to give him a fully laden his persona with all the dimension of real life and I think actually this may be one of the films failings. There's so much meat on the carcass the film never really gets round to addressing all the choice cuts available. At the end your left wondering about delicious morsels untasted and left as carrion for the mystical Hollywood scavengers.

The film is well directed well and well structured, but the pacing is slow and consistently so. I think this is another of its failings, a small one, but still a failing. I say this because with a film with so much to depict, accelerating the pace in places would serve to heighten excitement in areas that could have been more engaging while more comprehensively addressing certain aspects of the story. Having said that, what the film does expertly is create a suspense filled ambiance throughout, and that goes a long way to compensating for the issues I have picked at.

I liked it a lot but didn't love it. It was just too consistently low key, and everything somehow felt mildly underdone. I will definitely watch it again though, and actually think I will enjoy it more the second time.

I do recommend it, as it is still a pretty good film.

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 7 / 10

Very good Americana neo-noir

In a small-town Alaska, a triple murder is committed one night. The professional hit-man responsible has been hired by a local woman to wipe out her husband but two other men are killed in the process. The killer sets up stall in a motel run by a former rodeo star.

The title Sweet Virginia refers to an earlier draft of the film set in the American south involving a cowboy killer and all the rest of it. Moving the setting further north to Alaska gives the film a different edge, although it does render the title less meaningful. Its director is Jamie M. Dagg recently made the Laos set chase film River (2015) which was good, if a little minimalistic, but with Sweet Virginia he definitely shows progress as a film-maker. This one is a little more expansive in approach with more detailed characters and plot. You could probably fairly say that there is nothing especially new here but it is held together with some good performances such as Jon Bernthal as the motel owner who is not your typical hero in that he takes a beating when you don't expect him to and generally is quite meek in direct contrast to how he looks, even better was Christopher Abbott in the role of the killer who embarks in a bromance of sorts with Bernthal's character, Abbott's portrayal carried an authentic threat and you really believed his character was capable of violence. Imogen Poots doesn't get as much screen-time as the two male leads but her character is perhaps the key to the whole story in that it is her decisions that set the wheels in motion and continue to propel the narrative into the abyss. It's a pretty satisfying film overall and will be of interest to those with a taste for American neo-noirs.

Reviewed by NoPantsBatman 6 / 10

When something looks good, but not really

Sweet Virginia, where dreams come to die. The movie is dictated by Lila (Imogen Poots) hiring Elwood (Christopher Abbott) to murder her husband, which he ended up killing two more people.

I don't really know what was the exact goal of the director, Jamie M. Dagg, with this movie. It's a mix of well placed scenes with some seemingly random scenes. Some scenes helped me understand what motivated the characters, giving a good background and their point of view on the reality they were facing and/or faced. But some scenes throughout the movie, especially scenes involving Sam (Jon Bernthal), just looked like that they were there to fill time until the end, not giving any real purpose or content to the story itself. It made me feel confused, in a somewhat small movie of 93 minutes.

I also got the impression that the real goal of the movie was to show how screwed up people are, with all the lies, deceit and lack of truth in their actions. I was able to feel the tension in almost every part of the movie, which was a good thing.

I enjoyed watching Jon Bernthal play a character outside his normal roles. Here he is someone non-violent, that shows patience and compassion. Was surprising to say the least, but a good surprise.

It was good to see a reality that I personally never experienced. A reality filled with secrets, lies, opportunism and, at some degree, fake. What threw me down to not give a better rating was the way the story was told, I felt kind of empty while watching it, becoming lost in my thoughts "why is this happening?", "what's the point of this?", "did they forget about her?". They could have delivered it a bit better, with more consistency. I really wanted to like this movie, had potential, but, unfortunately, I have to give it 6 out of 10.

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