Sweet Karma


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Reviewed by TdSmth5 5 / 10

OK B revenge movie

A mute girl named Karma infiltrates a Russian sex/strippers/drug mafia in Canada to look for those responsible for her sister's death. In flashbacks we see how her sister ended up there. She met some woman in Russia who offered her work and opportunity. She's transported to Canada where suddenly things turn much uglier than promised.

It takes a while for things to turn violent but eventually Karma pretends to be a stripper to entice one of the mobsters and then she kills him. Little by little she moves up the mobster ladder but then she's grabbed. But she also meets some agent who helps her out. Eventually she meets the big boss and suddenly there's a neat twist that comes out of nowhere.

This is a B revenge flick that hinges entirely on the lovely Shera Bechard. She does a great job, looks stunning, and does her action stunts well, too. It must be a dream of lazy filmmakers to write a mute main character but it doesn't do much for the audience. The surprise twist came out of nowhere but really worked well. Given the themes and Bechard's attractiveness, there should have been more nudity. Action too is a bit subdued. But overall a decent attempt.

Reviewed by begob 5 / 10


Lot of room for improvement, but this is a pretty good melodrama of low life.

It starts off crude. We're introduced to the mute heroine, but they quickly push her into a daft murder scene that makes no effort to draw the audience in to the character. Yet she is sympathetic, and the actress and writers deserves praise for achieving this without a word of dialogue.

The villain is well played, and his murder is particularly good. But that means the rest of the rampage loses the sharp edge of its revenginess - surely save the best till last. Instead we fall into cop-morality, which takes it out of the exploitation genre where there should be no Kansas to return to.

The twist is good and unsettling.

Far too much music, but it's appropriate in the early part. And disappointing that the lead actress can't dance - rubbing up against a pole is for cats.

I'd like to see this story told with more Polish, set in bloated London. With a trail of dead bankers.

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10

Mute but not silent

Even if was not done to death in the seventies (sorry for the pun), it would've been predictable. So that's not the reason you'll be watching this. The beautiful main actress might be, plus the fact, that she is dishing revenge/justice to a point. Since she's mute, her performance relies on other things. Which might be a good thing on one hand, on the other acting mute is not as easy as it sounds.

It's actually more difficult and I wouldn't argue that our main actress has mastered that. But this is a sleaze movie, with a theme that is going other places. So you will be more interested in the action set pieces, which are decent enough. As is the movie as whole. There have been way better movies than this, but also worse ones

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