Swallows and Amazons


Adventure / Drama / Family / War

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 1970


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Andrew Scott as Lazlov
Kelly Macdonald as Mrs. Walker
Rafe Spall as Captain Flint
Jessica Hynes as Mrs. Jackson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sojanofficial 9 / 10

Countryside England, Children, an Island and Adventure.

Being a fan of Enid Blyton, I have always craved for a good adaptation of books like famous 5, secret 7 for the silver-screen. Though that never came by, found this movie instead.

Countryside England, Children, an Island and Adventure. What more can you ask for ♥️

Reviewed by johnbirch-2 1 / 10

If the director thought Swallows & Amazons was too gentle for modern audiences, why bother making this travesty?

I have to be honest and say I always loved Swallows and Amazons. I read the whole series again and again until the spines fell apart. It was so real that I could imagine doing it (if only I had brother and sisters). I dreamt about story. Back in 1974 I persuaded my father to take us to Basingstoke to see the film of the book that had just it come out. I loved it. I got the record (showing my age here) and played it and played it. It was so perfect, from the story to the characters they got it absolutely right in every way.

So I was excited to see this remake - what could be better than introducing the new generation to this pitch perfect story.

But it's awful. I really cannot get over how truly bad it is. Apparetly the director felt that modern children would not enjoy the original story as it was too tame (missing the entire point that it is the realism and the plausibility that makes it so endearing).

So where the 1974 film got it so right, this gets it so very, very wrong its hard to know where to begin.

Compared to the book, the story takes place approaching a decade later (why?). The actors are wrong, do not interact at all well, and bicker and argue continually. John, Susan and the Amazons are all too old. The Walker family come over as being inept sailors (John excepted) and frankly incompetent in most things, which the Swallows were not. They look, sound and behave like 21st century city children suddenly dropped into the 1930s... apart from John's unaccountable ability to sail.

It gets worse when the Amazons come along. They do not both have red scarves (why?). One has the most ridiculous blonde dyed hair (in 1930s Cumbria). Supposedly sisters, they both have totally different - and very unCumbrian - accents, and when they are introduced the classic joke "My name is really Ruth but Nancy says pirates are ruthless" is dropped (again why?).

As for the adult actors, they are seen far too much, are woefully miscast (Harry Enfield FFS!), are clearly do not know whether to play it for a laugh or take it seriously.

Then there is the Russian spy nonsense, thrown in for no good reason other than the director having no faith in the original material.

It is a mess. A total, utter, travesty of a mess. Its Swallows and Amazons as written by Enid Blyton on an off-day, with the Famous Five playing the Swallows.

And if you have never, ever seen or heard of S&A before? Well, its okay I suppose - but hardly going to drag you into the cinema, ordrag you away from your console. And if you do like it heaven alone knows what you'll make of the books...

Reviewed by Chris Harrison 4 / 10

Its sad to see that they added the Russian espionage element and changed the story from that of the book.

In this day and age of constant obvious anti-Russia propaganda, its sad to see a children's film being used to manipulate young minds in regards to global hegemony and geopolitics. They have done a disservice to the original story and to young children as a whole by adding this new storyline.

Imagine if you were a parent of a child who has Russian family members and you recognized this propaganda when taking your kids to see a film that you thought was about the book you had previously read, only to find the story has been changed to denigrate your heritage and roots for propaganda purposes? Nothing surprises me anymore and these film companies are often intertwined with governments so the gas lighting is very subtle and unfortunately effective on malleable innocent young minds. Parents should inform their kids about how politics is often used to divide people, and then give them some factual data about positive attributes of countries rather than let filmmakers corrupt their young minds. Last time I checked, the US was still using Russian rockets to get to the International Space Station that is monitoring global climate change. That aspect of things is never mentioned by Hollywood or the mainstream media.

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