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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
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Rosamund Pike as Maggie
Bruce Willis as Greer
Michael Cudlitz as Colonel Brendon
Devin Ratray as Bobby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RoboRabbit89 6 / 10

An easy going futuristic thriller.

I like robot movies, robots fascinate me, so when ever one releases I usually want to see it. I first seen this in theaters back in September of 2009, I remember I was kinda excited to see it because Bruce Willis has never been in nor played a robot before, and I liked that he was playing a cop in a world were people used surrogate robots in their daily lives.

The story is pretty straightforward but I liked that it was simple instead of it being unnecessarily complicated, I don't like stories to be too overly complicated to the point where you just check out.

Bruce plays FBI agent Tom Greer who comes across a seemingly, ordinary murder but it turns out to be a conspiracy as he digs deeper.

Bruce Willis was pretty good in this, as he's character and I enjoyed him in this. As for the rest of the cast, they were good too, I don't want to say more because their are some good twists in this.

Overall a straightforward average cyber-crime thriller, but I honestly liked it. It was pretty good and enjoyable, I own the DVD because I enjoyed it. One of my buddies didn't care for it, but I liked it, because I sometimes like to watch easy going movies.

I give it a 6/10. Give this a look, If you like Sci-fi I think you'll enjoy this, it's easy going but I like to watch those sometime.

Reviewed by bondguy77 2 / 10

this is a mess!

this movie is a mess,i can honestly say, very disappointing considering bruce willis is in this.i was hoping for a great action packed scifi film that actually had a great plot,but was wrong,this is one of the worst films i have seen.this film is up and down on action sequences more down of course,it seemed as it tried to through a little action in just enough to keep you interested just to slow it back down.wouldn't recommend it.

Reviewed by Ana Silva (Anaslair) 8 / 10

Solid sci-fi with food for thought.

Surrogates is a thought-provoking, generally well made sci-fi movie. There was a little too much action for my taste and I didn't get how people who were connected to their surrogates almost 24/7 still had functioning bodies at all, or how they performed basic functions, but the main concept was intriguing.

In a world where you look however you want and never get hurt, who would ever use their real body? What is the point? In doing so, are you losing a large portion of what makes you human? The movie asks these questions and others.

It started really well for me, as it presented an evolution to the current state of the world. It was progressive, we didn't just get 'bam, this is how things are, doesn't matter how it got here'.

The development of the story was OK, it felt the pacing was off a bit at times. I thought the concept and its consequences was so powerful that it could have been better executed – all the action and superhero stuff only got in the way. Still, I appreciated the main characters, their struggles and their development. I particularly enjoyed the anxiety experienced by the main character when going out to the world for the first time in years. All the cool effects were a welcome bonus. That flawless skin… Wowza. How the heck did they do that??

Besides the amazing imagery and all the action, Surrogates had suspense, mystery and interesting plot twists, so I recommend it.

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