Superman: Unbound


Action / Adventure / Animation

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Matt Bomer as Superman / Clark Kent
Stana Katic as Lois Lane
Molly C. Quinn as Supergirl
John Noble as Brainiac
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DCfan 10 / 10

Best Superman animated movie ever

Honestly this is just the best one at present. I saw this movie as treat since I passed my ICT exam and it was literally the best evening i had that night. I even have to say this is better then Superman Brainiac Attacks. I learn more about Supergirl and her people in this movie. Oh and I forgot to mention that Supergirl was hot especially since the beautiful Molly C Quinn (Castle) who nailed the part was voicing her. In fact the art style, animation and mostly every character design in this movie was good. How ever this movie is definitely not for kids since in one scene a robot murders a Kryptonian by putting a rod through his head and in another scene when Brainiac looks though his bottle that he traps Metroplis in Lois puts out two fingers at him (which was pretty funny).

The best scene was when Superman fights the robot at the start of the film, Tries to escape Kandor and the last battle.

The voice acting was pretty good especially Matt Bomer as Superman and John Noble as Brainiac.

Overall awesome movie if you are a fan of Superman you might like this movie. Ignore the bad reviews from the screwed up individuals lying in there graves they are just jelious.

Reviewed by Eric Stevenson 8 / 10

Another blind review

Well, I had no idea what this Superman movie would be about, so I was glad to be surprised. This movie features Superman and Supergirl going up against the villain Brainiac. It's interesting to see Supergirl being more developed as the last movie I saw introduced her in a way. Now, the character designs are different so we know it's not a direct sequel. It does kind of make me wonder why they do this. Why not just set up a new series of related films instead of just making them different? They're made by the same people. It's weird how these cartoon Superman movies are much more entertaining than the theatrical ones with the DC film Universe.

Well, Brainiac gets to shine here. My favorite thing is probably just how well paced this film is and for a movie that's only 75 minutes long, that's no easy task. I also really like this version of Lois Lane given how snarky she seems and wants her relationship with Superman to advance. It ends on a rather uplifting note too. The action's quite good and it's interesting to see Superman in weaker times. We even get to see some of the humans contribute by fighting some robots! This may be the lowest rated movie here I've ever seen with a 100% on RottenTomatoes, but it's still good. ***

Reviewed by mustafaosama 1 / 10

don't watch

that was very boring, Lois lane character is very very annoying the fights is unrealistic (just like every movie ever) but this time it's so obvious for example when the probe came to earth it some how stood it's ground against superman but after that it's just too weak when facing superman or super-girl and when Lois pushed a chair to one of the robots and it just flew of the window. really it can take a tank shell and not move an inch put a lousy chair will do it. I have no problems however with something like that in other animated DC films but I just can't handle this one.. P.S Brainiac was cool.until he was beaten by superman because of some birds and bugs yeah that was not good and also is he strong or what in one shot he beat the crab out of superman and in the other he is like weak as a potato................. (sigh) I'm out

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