Superman Returns


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 76%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 61%
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Marlon Brando as Jor-El
Brandon Routh as Clark Kent / Superman
Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane
Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor
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Reviewed by DCfan 5 / 10


This isn't the worst live action Superhero movie (See my review for Suicide Squad and Batman Returns).

It is not bad the movie but I do have some complaints. Like why was Lois Lane with another man and already had a son? Why at the end of the movie Superman was just flying away I was getting excited about the next scene but the movie ends on your face.

But Kevin Spacey was good as Lex Luther but Brandon Routh was miscast as Superman but luckily he is in a better place as Ray Palmer in the CW shows. Speaking of at least Jimmy Olsen was a better choice in this movie than in the CW shows.

Reviewed by Archie Martin Jr 5 / 10

Kate Bosworth Ruined This Film

Her take on Lois Lane was terrible then again she is a very limited actress. SHe was also WAY TOO YOUNG AT THE TIME to play Lois Lane. She was 23. In this film she won a Pulitzer Prize and has a 5 year old! Her Co-Star Parker Posey SHould HAve Played Lois Lane. The talent less Kate could pf played the Parker Posey Role "Kitty Kowalski" Parker Posey e is a much better actress and would have been much easier to buy her as Lois. In fact she seemed born to play Lois.

Everyone else in this film however is fine. Brandon ROuth made an excellent "Superman". However the screenplay let him down. There is not much going on in this film. It like a Merchant Ivory PRoductions made this film.

If Kate is reading this I hope in these past few years you paid for an acting coach. IF you still want to act you need one. You are fast approaching the "DIstrict Attorney Roles" in movies. After that it "DRiving Miss Daisy"

Reviewed by UofSciFi 10 / 10

seen it 13 times , and liked it each time,

I have always had a love hate relationship with the Superman Movies.

first I loved Superman:The Movie(1978)..I consider that one to be a true American all time classic

2nd, I equally loved Superman II(1981) just and much as I loved the original Superman movie...both of those movies set the standards that I believe all comic book movies should be measured by. they are great.

3rd, then came Superman III(1983)...okay, this one isn't quiet as good as the first 2 movies. but none-the-less, it does have its moments, and it isn't just wasn't that great.,,,a few plot holes, but it was still an enjoyable movie

4th, Superman IV:The Quest for Peace....what the hell happened? Its daylight in America and China at the same time, Supes steals all of the worlds nukes, Nuclear Man isn't really nuclear powered(nope he's solar powered)....Mariel Hemmingway can breathe in outer space... and the movie only got worst and worst. so bad that I found myself wondering if adults had really wrote the script, or was it written by a bunch of 3rd graders

5th, then came the Superboy TV series in the late 1980's(which depicted Superman/Clark Kent in college)..not all bad..but not really good either (it lasted one season and then got the ax)

6th, Hollywood just would leave Supes alone...then came Louis & Clark: The new Adventures of Superman. ...again, not bad, ...but not great either...And I never liked Dean Cain as the man of Steel, he was too boyish looking

7th, then came Smallville......Smallville destroys the entire background of Superman's past(Earth past) by placing him in the same high school with Lex Luther in the same town(and they are best friends...but Lex doesn't recognize him when he's superman ...this is pathetic I had given up on the Superman franchise after Smallville.

But then came "Superman Returns" .........this was the first truly enjoyable Superman since 1983. Although it still falls short from the Glory of Superman I&II, it is better than Superman III and all of the skimpy Superman related TV shows that have been hasten onto the airwaves over the last 20 years.

Brand Routh gives a solid performance as Clark Kent/Superman the special effects are wonderful(fantastic) ..the producers reused the old John Williams music score.....the story is good(although I admit that I did have some issues with Supes using his superpowers to stalk Lois Lane at her home) The writers went back to the basic for this one.

this is a must see movie,it gets it right! and it makes up for the 20 years of bad Superman TV shows ! ! ! ! ! !

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