Super Dark Times


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Charles Camp 4 / 10

Whoa man, like, super dark

It's been awhile since I've seen a movie that started off quite promisingly only to go so absurdly off-the-rails. It's certainly a well-directed film with a strong grasp on tone and boasts a number of striking visuals and a haunting score. The first act was especially strong and, despite its dark content, evoked a sense of realism. Sadly, this is a quality that the film seemed to progressively lose with each passing minute, ultimately stumbling into a third act that felt completely forced and even nonsensical. The key character arc of the film just didn't work, plain and simple. His character wasn't established or developed enough to justify his actions and the result was a finale that felt hollow and exploitative. The movie takes itself incredibly seriously and for awhile it seems like it may justify that seriousness with something of substance. Instead, the effect is akin to a teen with a joint in his mouth saying "whoa man, super dark times. like, super dark." It's hard to even look at the title of the film without smirking now. Wish I could give it a higher score for its undeniable strengths, but alas that third act casts too dark a shadow. At the very least I can see this director going on to do some cool things, especially if he can get his hands on a better script.

Strong 2/5

Reviewed by Jithin K Mohan 8 / 10

Super dark atmosphere

A brilliant directorial debut by Kevin Philips. From the opening shot itself, the super dark mood is created in this film set in the mid-90s. A lot is communicated using visuals and incidents that aren't directly related to the main plot which solidifies the atmosphere of the film. Owen Campbell lives and breathes as Zach, even his inhaling and exhaling was so perfect for the character at each particular moment. But the third act was not a well-written part of the film where the characters act upon motivations that feel rushed without proper transition and ends up like a lot of other films.

Reviewed by shobanchittuprolu 7 / 10

Super Dark Times is an impressive haunting thriller which involves mostly debutante technicians but confused writing in its climax disappoints.

Super Dark Times (2017):

While I was watching Super Dark Times,the one thing which really surprised me is that this one is work of a debutante director.The way the movie started and the atmosphere set clearly promised me a hell of a ride and almost succeeded in keeping that promise.


Zach (Owen Phillips) and Josh (Charlie Tahan) are best friends growing up in a leafy Upstate New York suburb in the 1990s, where teenage life revolves around hanging out, looking for kicks, navigating first love and vying for popularity. When a traumatic incident drives a wedge between the previously inseparable pair, their youthful innocence abruptly vanishes.

My Review:

Every person's adolescent age is the most dangerous part of his life as it triggers dangerous feelings and emotions which decides his fate of the life.It is the age which involves us in lot of adventures which may stir lot of turns and lessons in our life.Super Dark Times showcases the scary proceedings in our lead roles adolescent life.

Director Kevin Phillips's debut feature looks a lot like Stranger Things-set in the 1990s, there are gorgeous shots of Super Dark Times' misfits riding their bikes around suburbia, but these coexist with stark, ominous images of long shadows and tall trees. Darkness lingers in every frame like a vulture waiting to swoop. Fun times grotesquely morph into horror in a matter of seconds: Four boys are playing with a sword in the woods, and then three boys are covering a body with crunchy autumn leaves.

Phillps and writers, Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski, steadily raise the tension as the film progresses, making for an unsettling watch as their situation continues to weigh on the young characters.Nailing to atmosphere and mood of 'Super Dark Times' is the key to the film's success because we've seen these tales of teenage mishaps and cover-ups plenty of times.. Here, we are swallowed whole by the film's aesthetics, which manage to always fit the picture and wrap us up in the film's world without ever being overbearing.

But what went wrong is the third-act of the film which is oddly paced and difficult to follow.Its like the maker desperately tried to confuse us and thrill us at the same time with lot of unexplained events and violence.It backfired.

Performances are amazing.Charlie Tahan (From Wayward Pines) is amazing and his character transition is surprising.Owen Campbell gave spine-chilling performance in the scene where he imagines having intercourse with Allison in woods.Elizabeth Cappucino is a show-stealer although her role is limited.

Technically Super Dark Times is amazing with stunning cinematography by ELi Born and haunting score by Ben Frost.We have to notice that all these persons are not widely known.

SO,Super Dark Times is an impressive haunting thriller which involves mostly debutante technicians but confused writing in its climax disappoints.

My rating 7/10

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