Super Dark Times


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 8004


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bryan Tull 1 / 10

No thanks.

Excessive vulgar language doesn't make you cool. Turned it off 10 minutes in.

Reviewed by Tony Pajamas 4 / 10

Boring Movie That Has No Idea What It Is

Initially, I was "super" excited to see this film. The trailer looked pretty good, it made it seem like one of those movies that you keeps you on edge until the very last shot. After watching Super Dark Times, I can almost assure you, this is not one of those movies.

Super Dark Times labels itself as a Thriller. The trailer was made in such a way for you to believe that too, for the sole purpose of getting you interested in what is actually a snooze fest. I actually didn't hate the movie; the cinematography was excellent, the music was great, the overall tone of the film was unique, and it offered some pretty decent performances from its young stars. Quite honestly, it's one of the only films that I could actually bare watching that contains teenage main characters (some others are IT and Kings of Summer, which don't get me wrong, are far far better than this movie). What really irks me about this film, is that it has absolutely zero identity. I would've liked it a lot better if it was just a high-school coming-of-age drama and didn't try to be a serious thriller. Because the film really did capture the image of high schoolers today almost perfectly.

This film is boring and fails miserably as a thriller. What seems as attempts to build suspense just feel useless given the terrible, loosely thought out plot and character development and design.

There are also some very strange sexual undertones in this movie that virtually make no sense and serve no real importance towards the plot, which is already lacking.

Don't get me wrong, some people might really like this film, most likely the younger crowd. Personally, I was hoping for this movie to be good myself but I was sadly disappointed. I love movies that stray away from the mainstream and/or use small budgets like this. Super Dark Times definitely had potential to be something unique and memorable but that was definitely not the case for my experience with this film. Overall, I guess it's a solid debut for director Kevin Phillips but I'll quickly be forgetting about this one.

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 7 / 10

Secrets always find its way out!

Actually not a bad film. Seeing the poster, you can expect the kids films like 'ET', 'Stand By Me', 'Goonies', et cetera kind. But it was a different. More matured kind of narration. Then the characters are still teenagers and as usual their mischievous lands them a big trouble. So the four friends set to wander around, but soon when they met with an accident, they decide to resolve it in their way. But it begins to take a twist when one of them goes berserk. Once again, they have to come up with something to end it all for good. It becomes more intense and ends with a decent finale.

The casting was so good. These boys were really great. The story does not look that fine, but the way it was made and performances puts it on the top. Looks like they are future big stars. It was from a cinematographer turned filmmaker. It's his first direction and a fine debut. I don't know the title meant exactly what the it had narrated, but convincing enough. So one of the decent thriller from the year, definitely worth a watch.


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