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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by m_j_ray 9 / 10

Probably the best sci-fi film I've seen in years.

Sunshine is, quite simply, brilliant. From the opening sequence - simple yet effective and revealing so much about the character in question - right through to the end, I was gripped.

Oddly for a sci-fi film, the power isn't in the effects or the sheer fantastic nature of the plot, it's in the people. From scary-eyed Cillian Murphy to pretty-boy Chris Evans, every performance is believable. Their reactions to events are so much more genuine-seeming than in just about every other film I've seen in recent years; be it joy, shock or grief, you can share it with them and this is something that a perfectly-worked score and some very accomplished camera-work add to handsomely. Whilst the personalities do lean towards certain conventions, none of them are so much so that they couldn't be explained away as being a result of or necessary to their profession - the slightly distant and isolated physicist; the cool-headed and pragmatic captain; the biologist who is passionate about their charges but emotionally-distant from their crew-mates.

The dialogue too is spot-on with nothing coming across as being too clich├ęd or too hammy. It all seems like real things that real people would say, from the casual banter to the emotional outpourings and everything in between. Unlike so many other films, the characters are human and they act like humans - there is no casual detachment and needless bandying of glib phrases.

The effects are exactly what they need to be in balance to this - believable but not distracting from eight very dynamic performances; complementing rather than show-stealing and over-awing.

All in all it's more of a psychological thriller than a traditional sci-fi extravaganza and whilst this has been done many times before - 2001: Space Odyssey, Solaris, Silent Runnings; to name a few - Sunshine does it superbly and without fault. I'd highly recommend this film to anyone who is looking for something more than just easy entertainment to kill a couple of hours. Conversely, if you ~are~ just looking for something light then keep on looking - this is not a film to be only half-watched.

Reviewed by LoDHom 3 / 10

Very overrated

With a (currently) 7.3 user rating, I was looking forward to what I hoped would be a decent movie. What a letdown. I suppose I should have paid more attention to the reviewer that said, "One word of advice: this movie is not for nitpickers or physicist," yet still gave it 8 stars.

I'm neither a nitpicker nor a physicist, but as a reasonably intelligent person there are limits to how far I am willing to suspend disbelief. The whole premise of the movie is on very shaky ground: The sun is dying and the first mission to launch some kind of bomb into the sun failed, so mankind has sent the second, and this is our Last Hope.

Now, this bomb, whatever it's supposed to be and to do, is not really explained very well. I gather that the specifics are given here on IMDb and the movie's website; kind of odd to leave that out of the movie itself. I'm also not sure how a bomb with the mass of Manhattan is supposed to reignite the sun, which can fit 1,000,000 Earths inside of it, but then perhaps I'm being nit-picky.

The next thing that begs explanation is why they need to get so close to the sun to launch this bomb in the first place. Why not launch it from the vicinity of, say, Venus's orbit? We can make pinpoint unmanned landings on Mars, but a target the size of the sun seems to be a problem.

The physicist is the only one who knows how to properly turn the key and hit the launch button on the bomb (say what?), yet he is 'volunteered' to go on a dangerous spacewalk with no objections. Later on he is given the only spacesuit so that he is assured survival. Apparently his essentialness comes and goes.

After various implausible mishaps involving human error and a computer that only seems to correct these errors when it's in the mood, we learn that they only have enough oxygen for 4 people to make it to the launch point. Now, this ship is huge. I mean really, really big. It's also full of air. Remember Apollo 13, with 3 guys in the tiny capsule/lunar module? Even they had enough air to get back home. Yet, 5 people on this massive ship would use up all the O2 in less than a day.

I could go on a lot longer, and you can read other reviews for even more ludicrous problems with this script, but you get my drift here. Yes, visually the exterior shots are great, though random, without giving a sense of "where" things are happening. Looking pretty isn't enough to save this movie, however.

Reviewed by joecoby45 9 / 10

Sci-Fi Gold

Danny Boyle outdoes himself with this science fiction masterpiece, which offers a suspenseful and unpredictable story with interesting, well developed characters. The basic premise is that a crew of astronauts must reignite the Earth's Sun with a nuclear bomb in an effort to prevent it from going out permanently. That's the main story point of the film but ultimately Sunshine is really about the characters. More specifically their interactions with each other, the tough choices they have to make, and their ultimate deterioration as people throughout the dangerous and deadly voyage.

Sunshine is both entertaining and suspenseful throughout its 100 minute run time. Its extraordinarily well directed and acted and has great special effects and shot composition as well. If there are a couple flaws in the movie it would be some poor choices of editing towards the end of the movie and some questionable character logic every once in a while. But besides those little nit picks this is one of the finest Sci Fi movies of the century. Definitely give it a watch.

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