Sunset Song


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
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Agyness Deyn as Chris Guthrie
Peter Mullan as John Guthrie
Ron Donachie as Uncle Tam
Ian Pirie as Chae Strachan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_late_Buddy_Ryan 8 / 10

A powerful adaptation of a classic Scottish novel, marred by a few WTF?! moments

Terence Davies is a brilliant director who specializes in period pieces, dimly lit interiors and fraught family dramas, and it's great that almost all of his films are available for streaming. Unlike "A Quiet Passion," an audacious reimagining of the life of Emily Dickinson, "Sunset Song" is a pretty straightforward adaptation of a classic novel, though not without some distinctive personal touches.

Davies took some heat in the UK for casting a flawless former model (an English one at that) as a rugged Scottish farm girl, but Agyness Deyn acquits herself very well in the role of Chris Guthrie. If he does have a fault though, it's that he seems to think of plot and character as necessary evils, to be dealt with as briskly as possible so he can linger over the atmospherics--the grittiness of daily life, tense family meals and boisterous communal feasts, the beauty of "the lond" (mostly shimmering fields of wheat shot in 65 mm).

If I remember the BBC series from the 70s correctly, Chris's father, John, who dominates the first half of the film, was a more complex personality, a conscience-stricken Calvinist who can't stay away from his wife even after a nearly fatal pregnancy, like an earthier version of a Dreyer or Bergman character. Davies presents him simply as a sex-crazed ogre, which makes Peter Mullan ("Top of the Lake") the obvious casting choice.

Later on, the film's dramatic climax is handled a bit awkwardly: Chris's husband, Euan, and his friends, all neighboring farmers, are shamed by the community into joining up when war breaks out with Germany in 1914-we get to hear the minister sermonizing that "the mon they call the kaiserrr is none other than the Antichrrrist!" We aren't at all prepared for Euan's transformation from a dutiful, loving husband to a randy, foul-tempered bully when he returns for his first leave-a less godfearing replica of the unlamented John Guthrie. A flashback that tells the rest of Euan's story, narrated by one of his comrades at the front, is even harder to reconcile with what's gone before. I'm tempted to watch again to get a firmer grasp; that's the beauty of Netflix

Having said all that, I still recommend the film. It's by no means Davies's best, but Chris's story is well told, with exceptions noted, and cinematographer Michael McDonough ("Winter's Bone") does an amazing job of realizing Davies's vision of "the power and cruelty of both family and nature."

Reviewed by Ian 7 / 10

Quiet and Tough Emotions

(Flash Review)

Taking place in the early 1900's in Scotland, the story follows the challenges of a farmer woman from her youth to young adult and the dramatic challenges placed in front of her. How does she and her brother deal with a physical and an emotionally abusive father as he mistreats them and his wife? How she takes control of her life when she finds prosperity and love? And later when war comes to their land, how will she handle the situation her new husband is placed in and the effects on him and their family? This film is told at a properly quiet pace for the period and culture. With its measured pace, it still delivers many dramatic and emotional moments with the help of stunning cinematography that really punctuates the scenes. While subdued, the actors wear their emotions with a raw passion. Overall, this is a solid emotionally dramatic period piece with a barrage of painterly cinematic scenes.

Reviewed by alangmcw-850-641963 8 / 10

Good movie. Shame about the subtitling!

I watched this movie recently on Amazon Prime. I enjoyed it very much on the whole. The setting of north-east Scotland farm life over 100 years ago (and through the first years of WW1) is close to my own family background, and so maybe the story-line has special resonance for me. At any rate it is a fine story which is well told by the actors and the director and not forgetting the choice of locations.

My only complaint is about the sub-titling. I often like to watch a movie with sub-titles switched on – to help me catch the dialogue more completely. And OK, I admit that my hearing is deteriorating a bit. The dialogue in the movie is pretty faithful to the book and to the Doric dialect of this part of Scotland, so maybe some people would be more inclined than normally to switch on the subtitling. Anyway, much of the subtitling on the version I saw must have been created by some kind of phonetic interpreter, because it translated many of the Doric words or locations into meaningless garbage.

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