Sunset in the West


Action / Western

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Will Wright as Sheriff Tad Osborne
Gordon Jones as Splinters
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

Gunrunning on the Pacific coast

Herbert J. Yates splurged for color in this Roy Rogers western where he and Gordon Jones, former deputy sheriffs to Will Wright, are helping out their old boss. The populace of Wright's town is up in arms at his inability to stop train hijackings. The worst part is that there seems to be no rhyme or reason for them.

As Roy investigates it'a a very sophisticated ring of gunrunners that's settled in this Pacific coast town and they have contacts in a lot of places. And Roy's not the only one investigating the gunrunning either.

Romance is provided by Penny Edwards who was one of a few women substituting for Dale Evans as Roy's leading lady while she taking care of their child. And together with Gordon Jones playing the dumber than a post Splinters is Estelita Rodriguez giving out her comic style with a Hispanic touch. She did a number of Roy Rogers westerns but she's best known for playing in Rio Bravo as Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez's wife.

Not the best of his westerns, it's a bit overplotted for a B western, but Roy's fans will be pleased.

Reviewed by revdrcac 5 / 10

An average outing for the King of the Cowboys .....

Roy Rogers and Trigger (The Smartest Horse in the Movies) are at it again, helping a border Sheriff get to the bottom of some stolen rifles that are being sought. Rogers ends up in hot water, but is able to solve the crime through his normal cool determination. Gordon Jones is along as his sidekick, but he was never as solid as Gabby Hayes or Pat Brady had been ........

The music was well done by Roy, with support from Foy and the Riders of the Purple Sage. However, the script and supporting cast are not up to the earlier high standards for Roy's films. It's good entertainment for Roy's legion of fans, but compared to his other classics, this oater is only so-so ..... Fun, but not memorable.

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