Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay


Action / Animation / Fantasy

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Christian Slater as Deadshot
Vanessa Williams as Amanda Waller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leantwon 8 / 10

Better than the Rest

So I just finished Suicide: Hell to Pay. It amazes me that a cartoon did a better job at Suicide Squad than the movie. Warner Bros. animation needs to give their film department some tips.

On the negatives, some of the dialogue was corny. But that's a small nitpick in an otherwise great animated film. The voice acting was pretty spot on. I cant wait for the next DC animated film.

Reviewed by suwandani 9 / 10

No kids movie

I started watching expecting to fall asleep midway. Instead I stayed awake way past my bedtime because the story was so interesting. It's best if you watched Flashpoint Paradox first (which is another excellent movie by the way), but it's not really required. a bit gory, but it's refreshing to see a movie where it's not afraid to kill important characters. Why is DC animated movies so good, yet the live action movies so bad I wonder.

Reviewed by squarewhiteboy 7 / 10

not fantastic but not aweful

Loved the over arching story and some of the individual motivations, but some of the scenes and dialogue were very generic.

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