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Carey Mulligan as Maud Watts
Ben Whishaw as Sonny Watts
Meryl Streep as Emmeline Pankhurst
Helena Bonham Carter as Edith Ellyn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by benm-41751 9 / 10

A serious depiction of what the fight for a cause means

This is not a movie for entertainment or enjoyment. There is nothing nice see or watch, not a lot of happiness (although there are sparks), and no whimsical characters who always seem to know what to do. It's the reality of a time that forces social change: cold, unforgiving, alienating, unsure, and demoralizing. There are no magic answers, and even the leaders are scrambling to know what's next. Even those supposedly fighting for change aren't necessarily expressing agency, they are sometimes left with absolutely no other option.

All that said, the film manages to be compelling despite that it is a stark and dreary 105 minutes. It helps that the cast brings humanity to the characters, which somehow gives a string of hope through everything.

Reviewed by psolution 6 / 10

Missing important true facts at the ending!!

Movie is representing the women's fight for their right of vote in Britain and we are well aware about Suffragette movement which was a real struggle. Great reminder of the past events, but unfortunately the ending text was not getting the facts right or as usual, smaller European nation is not mentioned as women in Finland got their right to vote in 1906, first country in Europe and the following year they had first elected representatives in the parliament in the whole world! Unfortunately the world seems to forget or is not informed correctly, but we Finns are proud of this fact.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Predictable, but educational

SUFFRAGETTE is an acceptable filmed version of the Suffragette movement in Britain in the early 20th century, making sure to cover all of the main ground: the oppression faced by working women, the difficulty of working conditions, sexism, family relationships, the violence and rebellion of the Suffrage movement, the attitude of the authorities. It ends in the most famous event associated with the movement and as a whole is very predictable, but educational at the same time. I would have preferred this if the main character hadn't been heavily fictionalised and if we had a little more depth and layering, because as things stand this is very black-and-white in approach. Meryl Streep's cameo is too much of a distraction too. Still, the likes of Mulligan, Bonham Carter and Garai work hard to invest you in their roles, and it moves with a briskness and efficiency to keep it engaging.

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