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Bug Hall as The Captive
William Katt as Mockenrue
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by linescraig 2 / 10

Deep in so many ways

Deeply flawed. A deeply stupid and shallow story. Deeply insulting to the viewer. Deeply sorry for the kick-starters that invested. This film is slower than a snail stricken with rheumatoid arthritis trying to pull a cannonball up a steep hill covered in broken crystal. The preposterously unbelievable and naive story is enhanced by the appallingly naive make up, clich├ęd costume and awful acting - especially by John Turturro who has completely misread his character, but then the acting is the domain of the Director isn't it? I doubt that the director was actually paying attention to the performances and was instead spending most of his time looking at the pretty pictures - the videography was OK. I say videography because it was shot on Red video cameras (whatever happened to them?) The lead role, played by someone called Bug, was okay, but oh my goodness, everyone else was either miscast or just plain bad. If you really want to see this video at the cinema, take a sleeping bag and a good book.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 3 / 10

Pointless movie with a high rating, you wonder how the hell it got such a high rating.

The amazing ratings on IMDb. I will always wonder why such a great tool with amazing potential is never been managed better than it actually is now. This movie has two reviews before mine. One gave it a one star rating, the other a two star rating, but how amazing it is to see that this movie scores a 6,5 on IMDb. It's just not a fair or correct rating considering the reviews it got. But I still gave it a shot despise the reviews, and that purely based on the rating it got on IMDb. Because sometimes you stumble on a hidden gem. Unfortunately this one isn't a hidden gem. It's the complete opposite. I have to admit there was a certain mystery in the beginning, something that makes you wonder what happened and so on, but the more the movie advances the more you know this is going nowhere. The end is like I was afraid of at one point. A complete letdown. I have been fooled by the ratings, and I will probably be again in the future. If I could give one good advise to IMDb is that you make an option available where you can follow certain reviewers. So that I can watch movies that has been positively reviewed by people with the same taste of movies as me. Only then IMDb would be a great website. Now it's still just guessing if a movie is going to be good or not. Ratings don't mean anything on this website. There are hidden gems with a very low rating like there are awful movies with a high rating, like this one for example.

Reviewed by Bad Boy Club 1 / 10

Profusely Poor

A slow trudge of over 90 minutes of anguished facial expressions & overtly melodramatic music.

Difficult to judge Bug Hall's acting prowess as (thankfully) his dialogue was kept to a minimum.

All of the supporting cast's performances were excruciatingly bad. Being benevolent I would put the blame onto the clunky, generic dialogue & lack of plot.

I can't express how poor this attempt at a film was, no redeeming features at all.

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