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Ben Stiller as Soap Opera Star
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Sally Hawkins as Jill Tate
Craig Roberts as Oliver Tate
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Reviewed by nachtturne 7 / 10

Coming-Of-Age Is Different In Britain

I was looking for movies capturing the nostalgic aspect of teenager movies, when a friend of mine recommended me Submarine. While I didn't quite find what I was looking for, Submarine prove itself to be a very enjoyable movie.

The story follows the teenager Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts), a british high schooler, who set two objectives to achieve: firstly, to lose his virginity, and secondly, to fix his parents deadbedroom-syndrome and with it, their marriage. While the plot itself is very similar of those teenager movies Hollywood turns out twice of thrice a year, Submarine puts the trope in a very British frame. The analytic monologues of Oliver, the light, humour-infused surrealism, and the creative camera work really separates this movie from its peers.

I found the acting a bit ambivalent. Yasmin Paige (Jordana) was outstanding in my opinion, she aced all the different attitudes of her character: Jordanas spleen and edge was just as authentic as her smiling and actually having fun, or caring deeply for her mother. Craig Roberts appealed to me aswell, Olivers monotonous or rather apathetic mood was very well played (especially the awkward smiles and angsty body language). The excellent chemistry of the two leads resulted in a very honest and lifelike portrayal of early teenage relationships, with all the cosmetics (e.g. the preconceptions about love, relationship roles and small mind games) on-point. However, the other characters, including Olivers parents and Graham, were forgettable in my opinion - their attitudes came off as boring. I felt like it was the main reason the marriage plotline was a bit stale for me.

Submarine could have been one of my favorite movies, had I seen it in my teenage years; as an adult, it is still a very entertaining and refreshing take on the coming-of-age genre.

Reviewed by calumxatl 1 / 10


I was excited to watch this movie but I was truly disappointed. This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The characters were horrible people and the storyline was cringy and dull.

Reviewed by georgepsoady 10 / 10

Submarine is an instant classic.

The British film industry is a strange, rare and bizarre world. You sometimes get great films like "East Is East" and "Trainspotting" or, most of the time we end up with films like "Run For Your Wife" and "Fat Slags". I believe there is a reason why we end up with some many bad films: except from a few exceptions, the films of Britain break down into four sections. 1: Richard Curtis-like rom-coms, 2: Guy Ritchie-like gangster flicks, 3: Billy Elliot-style dramas and 4: The few good, true, original films. One of these great films, however, is Submarine. Submarine opens up with its protagonist Oliver Tate sitting in the corner of his room looking worried and anxious. We then hear the sound of Oliver's voice-over as he speaks about his life and introduces the great characters and dream world that make this film this great. The film is almost-perfect. Everything is brilliantly structured and paced. The music, the shots, the dialogue. There is a reason people call Ayoade a genius, and don't forget, this was his debut. With brilliant performances from a great cast of newcomers and great direction from Richard Ayoade this film with differently be remembered in years to come and if not will gain a loyal, loving cult fan-base. Easily one of the best films i've watched this year.

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