Street Smart


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 69%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
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Morgan Freeman as Fast Black
Christopher Reeve as Jonathan Fisher
Mimi Rogers as Alison Parker
Kathy Baker as Punchy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 7 / 10

I could fix the world in thirty seconds.....

To think that this was produced by Cannon films, one of the most notorious companies of the eighties, for making cheesy, yet unbelievably watchable films, is amazing.

Reporter Jonathan Fisher promises to write a factual story of prostitution.

When he tries to get information from pimps, he is ignored. So he ends up faking a well received story of a pimp, describing his life and crimes.

But police think the story is of a real pimp who is wanted for murder.

The pimp also thinks the story is about himself, and wants to know what Jonathan knows, and who told him.....

If you haven't heard of the film, and have just seen the one sheet, you'd be forgiven the film is about a washed up comedian who has a very small audience.

The trouble is with Reeve, even though he is a really good actor, you just can't get Superman out of your head, every time you see him, and every time he utters a word. So even though this was a dream project for him, he just doesn't fit the role, after all he is the greatest American hero.

So thank heavens for Morgan Freeman, whom if you've not seen him in a film before Robin Hood, really plays against type as Fast Black, and is the sole reason to watch this film.

The story is great, it really had the potential to be a hard hitting film. And even though the film doesn't fail to entertain, and has some really tense moments, the casting of Reeve just makes the film feel like he's in a safe environment all the time.

if the lead was cast with someone like Douglas, or even Ford, it could have been more believable.

It's still an entertaining, original film, but Reeve just doesn't fit the grittiness of the narrative.

Reviewed by Predrag 7 / 10

Superman on a different roll...

Pretty good movie with an early Morgan Freeman as a pimp. Most of the characters that Freeman plays (especially of late) are good hearted, good natured and easy going that make him a likable character, viewers come to expect that type of character but this one reminds me of the one Denzel Washington played in Training Day. Hard, mean, and ruthless; totally opposite from what we're used to seeing from either actor, but a refreshing change. The fact that it's the complete opposite from their usual rolls give them that much more impact.

And while movie ad excerpt quotes praising performances are almost always the sign of a stinker (damning with faint praise), in this case, I think Morgan Freeman's performance is worth this movie alone. It's nuanced, and a perfect study of a sociopathic personality. Freeman plays a total predator, who will brutalize without conscience, but will pour on immense charm in the next second as a way of manipulating others. No one had ever heard of Morgan Freeman before this movie...but he was nominated for an Oscar for this performance. He should have won it! The energy level on screen goes down infinitely when Freeman is not present. Kathy Baker also does a decent job as one of Fast Black's prostitutes. All in all, the movie was enjoyable, had a good story-line and is a must-see for Morgan Freeman fans and Christopher Reeve fans.

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 7 / 10

A film that could of used a bit more smarts

It's great when an actor gives such an electric and worthy performance in a not so great film or one of small stature. I'm not saying this movie's bad. It's just not as good as what of could of been, if a bit more care and meat went into the plotting of story, which to say I really liked, putting a spin on these kind of journalist drama's. Near it's climax especially, is where the story wasn't handled well, where that part was is over too quickly, despite an climactic moment, an unforeseen fate for one, that did make sense, from the other party that wrapped the film up. I really thought that section was weak, and there are a couple of other forgettably weak moments, that don't spark. Many actors playing pimps, put on the macho "what have you" act. With Frreman, it was vet natural, and much more realistic, I really wanted to know more about, as he's not your usual pimp, but boy, he radiates some real menace. Supposedly based on a true article (well you know) journalist Reeve, average here, pressed for a deadline, resorts to making up a story of a pimp, as researching parties aren't that cooperative, and Reeve doesn't want to be out of a job, either. When his faux article on a fictional pimp, conflicts with another pimp being charged for manslaughter, (I mean, what are the chances really?) Reeve finds himself in hot water, playing hardball, with prosecutors, all so ready to take pimp, Leo Small, aka: Fast Eddy (Freeman) down. There's a great dilemma/situation of story here as in Reeve's impasse, which intensifies some. Manslaughter is a son of bitch, where an early scene has Freeman, trying to stop a perverted sicko, beating up on a ho, where one swift kick, puts the old's guys ticker out, so really Eddy has copped a bad serve. But manslaughter is manslaughter, and like the rough, dangerously and manipulative pimp with a charming facade, Eddy is, he's as that prosecutor describes, "better off the street and behind bars". In short, he's menace. Reeve in his own mind, eventually comes around to that analysis as well. I kind of had the feeling the story was losing it's way or a bit too vague in it's telling of this tale, as though not enough discipline was given to it. Again though, as it has done many times before, I really found it hard to believe the chances of this coincidence happening as it just rides on too thin ice. Besides Freeman, Kathy Baker as the hot battered prostitute was a notable standout too, where Mimi Rodgers an actress in demand a lot, and always delivers, was very strong as Reeve's girlfriend. It was a pity, Reeve couldn't of carried his weight as well. Though in it's B grade offering, Street Smart is quite absorbing in it's story and on it's first watch, without Freeman and Bates, turning in great performances, giving life to a kind of flat running film, this would of sunk bad.

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