Street Kings


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 100154


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Chris Evans as Detective Paul Diskant
Keanu Reeves as Detective Tom Ludlow
Naomie Harris as Linda Washington
Terry Crews as Detective Terrence Washington
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stephen Bird 7 / 10

Corruption goes straight to the top

We've all heard the age old story of corruption within the police force, well "Street Kings" takes that story and sets it ablaze..., fair dues the story itself was somewhat predictable, but just because you know the destination you're heading to, doesn't mean the journey can't be fully enjoyable.

The protagonist, Detective Ludlow, is a man on a mission, his mind scrambled by the recent death of his beloved wife, he pulls no punches even when he becomes embroiled in the framing of a police officer's murder, Ludlow sets out to uncover the mysteries that are haunting him. You could label "Street Kings" as just another crime film with Keanu Reeves inserted into the lead role, but it's more than that, Reeves showcases high standards of acting ability and makes you feel empathetic towards his poor detective character.

The supporting cast features some real heavy hitters, most notably Forest Whitaker as Captain Wander, head of Detective Ludlow's unit, from the very beginning there was a sense that something was not quite right with this character, but any clues as to his real motives were expertly kept under wraps until the time came for him to reveal his true colours.

A young, pre-Captain America Chris Evans showed real credibility and talent as Detective Diskant, a partner of sorts for Ludlow, who's natural demise came later in the film than I thought it would, giving the young actor some extra exposure and screen time, which he duly lapped up.

Yes "Street Kings" is quite racist and incredibly tongue in cheek but that just adds to the realism, helping to flesh the film out and give it an added dimension, if you are easily offended by certain things then I'd definitely avoid this film.

The presentation was dark and disturbing, illustrating the underbelly of LA perfectly..., the tones and colours chosen were apt and even during the daylight hours there was a sense of darkness in the air, painted onto the screen by a perfectly qualified cinematographer and art department, kudos to them..., drawing you further into the story and making the mystery more intriguing.

Alas my final note is to say, not an exceptional film, but a fine film that will keep you gripped until the end, enjoy!

Reviewed by bondguy77 2 / 10

bad movie

when i first saw a preview of this film ,i thought it looked really good,but i was wrong.don't get me wrong keanu reeves is a good actor along with forrest whitaker,but this film was very boring,long and uninteresting,not sure how long this movie was,but it seemed very long and drug out,very disappointing.

Reviewed by blackmamba99971 10 / 10

Corruption at its finest

Every once in a awhile there comes a movie that delves into the world of police corruption. Since Serpico the idea that police who dip their hands into the cookie jar seems almost unrealistic until Keanu Reeves came to being as a cop whose wife died mercilessly at the hands of criminals. Disillusioned he becomes an enforcer for his superior to rid the streets of rival gangs or provides hits on other political bodies who might turn, and divulge sensitive material to higher powers if they feel threatened. Knowing how much his world has turned upside down Jack (Reeves) tries to reconcile with a guilt he cannot ignore any longer.

Yet the hierarchy within his department finds that the risk of his turning on his own is too great, and decides to eliminate jack before he finds who was responsible for killing his ex-partner Washington. On the hunt with another head strong detective Diskant (Chris Evans) they start to unravel the mystery as to who runs the big show behind the curtains. Jack in his disbelief finds out that his superior (Forrest Whitaker) is the main target, and must put an end to the escalating nightmare.

Since Serpico I found this to be a tight, and daunting tale of police corruption. Emotions run rampant in this high octane thriller as Reeves bounces from one moment of despair to another. There is never any rest as far as Jack goes seeing that he could be implicated for crimes not on the books. A great twist, and often moving around the compass of LA it was amazing he was able to keep his sanity through out. With all of the evidence pointing his way to put him behind bars for life he finally had enough of the tainted badge he was working with. The struggles to keep from breaking down must have been enormous.

Wonderful story along with some great characters to add in the mix such as Hugh Laurie who more or less helped Jack alleviate some of the pressure when jack put an end to the terrorizing plot by putting a slug into his captain's chest. It is amazing that today's police can dip their hands into the jar when it comes down to survival. Pay is not what it used to be, and with druggies, and their sellers making or raking in millions a month who would miss it? The temptation is too great to just say no. With a pile of money four feet high with a few bricks of cash missing would be counted as nothing more than a mistake.

I say when a bust goes down that can collect such a haul I say let the investigative police officers involved keep the money, to distribute among the other policemen in their detachment. They risk their lives all of the time. It would prove a hell of a lot better than listening to the news reports about how some police stole or acquiesced from the holding vaults. Highly recommended for viewers of this genre.

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