Straw Dogs


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 41%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 29907


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Willa Holland as Janice Heddon
Kate Bosworth as Amy Sumner
James Marsden as David Sumner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kryoung02 4 / 10

Strong cast - sad remake script

As a fan of Alexander Skarsgård, I really tried to like the movie - but I just couldn't. If the hushed nature of the theater crowed leaving at the end is any indication - they felt the same way. I feel the cast did well with what they had, but the script was lacking in too many ways. Where the 1971 version had tension and excitement, the 2011 version was often boring and all over the place. I often felt like it was Texas Chainsaw Massacre decided to have a get together with Deliverance and Sweet Home Alabama. The whole thing just felt awkward and thrown together. There were only a handful of scenes where the movie actually had my attention - but they were few and far apart and short lived. There were even moments that were so awkward they were actually uncomfortable. I expected so much more with such a classic movie base and wonderful cast - but ultimately it was disappointing.

Reviewed by Bob An 9 / 10

Great one

I am not sure why this film has an average below 9 and do not understand people who gave this film one or two stars...

The film is entertaining and keeps your attention from the beginning to the end - and what an end!

I loved the atmosphere of the film, which is kinda uncomfortable and eerie in a way... Don't know why but that was the main plus for this film, alonside really great roles of 2 leading men and the girl too ( who, I must say, looks so much like Jessica Simpson - that I though it was her in the 1st scene in the car).

I read that this is a remake. I did not watch the original nor I read the book, but this one was really great for me, so I do not have a wish to spoil it with something else.

I give it rating 9, though, precisely it would be 8.6.

Do watch the film and do not pay too much attention to negative reviews in a way to keep you off. See for yourself, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Reviewed by nofunca02 1 / 10

Bad low budget movie... and tell you why

My review. this is a very boring and dumb movie. Screenplay is unbelievable, very unreal situation. A very stupid husband and a very wore wife.

Why do you think (any of you) if your wife wants to live in a town where she knew an old boyfriend ? And when in some part of the movie she show her titties. to the workers, what it supposed to mean ? I'm not justifying the rape but any normal people goes to the police and moves out

This movie is just as stupid as American beauty was. No matter how many stars it could collect in time.

By the way let me ask Avatar was a really a good best seller or it was just another well marketed movie from Hollywood ? There's a lot excellent low budget movies that you'll never see Regards to everyone Dan

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