Stop Me Before I Kill!


Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

Confusing and hard to believe, but entertaining...

"Stop Me Before I Kill" is a rather entertaining but often flawed film. And, if you can look past its flaws, it will probably be worth your time. The film starts with a race car driver getting in a terrible accident. Months later, he comes out of a coma and appears to be recovering quite nicely. However, he's obviously suffering psychological after-effects--he's on edge, moody and sullen. What's worse, he then tries to strangle his wife--on several occasions! With the help of a psychiatrist and some dubious analytic psychiatry, the man tries to work out why he's got this homicidal urge. But, there are some BIG twists...

Despite an excellent ending that makes this all worth while, here are a few problems with the plot. First, although he has tried several times to kill his wife, she stays with him and doesn't contact the police. Duh! Then, you notice that the race car driver's wife goes from being Italian to being French--her accent and language are a bit malleable! Also, the real reason for all this homicidal behavior is too obvious--there are too many clues to this and the film doesn't give the viewer many other options to consider. Still, it works well enough despite all this, though it's hardly a classic.

Reviewed by Gordon Campbell Morrice 7 / 10

Forgotten Gem from the Great Val Guest

Still recovering from serious head injuries sustained in a car crash, motor racing driver Alan Colby and his wife Denise go on holiday to the South of France. There, Alan is suddenly and unexpectedly struck with a compulsion to strangle his wife. Hearing about this, Dr. David Prade, a local psychiatrist, offers to help, but his offer is rejected by Alan and he and Denise return to London. The psychiatrist follows them there, convinced that sooner or later his services will be needed and that he should be close at hand. At first, all seems well with Alan, but then one morning he wakes from a long sleep to find that Denise has disappeared. Worse, all the evidence points to his having murdered her.

Beautifully filmed in black-and-white MegaScope by the great Gil Taylor and masterfully directed by Guest, who was always at his best working on suspense films, "The Full Treatment" is a minor classic.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 6 / 10

"Stop blinding me with science!"

Psychological thriller from producer-director Val Guest could perhaps use more thrills and less psychology. Racecar driver fights against getting psychiatric help after a road accident--which killed the other driver--has left him badly shaken; his spouse begs him to reconsider, particularly after she becomes the target of her husband's subconscious rage. Adaptation of Ronald Scott Thorn's novel "The Full Treatment" (the movie's alternate title), by Thorn and Guest, has some tart dialogue and solid performances, and looks great as photographed by Gilbert Taylor, but the midsection of the film is redundant. Guest turns the plot-screws with careful deliberation, but is too slow in getting this web untangled. **1/2 from ****

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