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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nicolás Perondi 8 / 10

Small, beautiful, strong piece of art.

Great movie. A lovely story with romantic and dramatic colors, you will travel through modern Madrid night dark streets, in a mixture of dialogues and silent moments that will make you laugh and think, think about this modern society, this modern youth, and modern moral, the romantic relationships, sincerity, lies and our responsibility regarding our acts. The script is beautiful, it will give you at first a harmony feeling and comfort, to take you then into a disturbing atmosphere and a clumsy and emotional violence state. You'll see a strong psychological struggle between the characters, as they go switching their moods and hidden intentions and thoughts. Stockholm is a bit disturbing regarding the truth that is telling, and because of both charming characters, very real and complex inside their own ways of walking through life.

Reviewed by sinzeg 9 / 10

Amazing movie

I loved this movie. I shed a tear. When I first saw the title I thought the action takes place in Stockholm. After watching the movie I realized that the title is probably referring to the Stockholm syndrome. I found it to be very touching. It perfectly described the superficiality in nowadays people interactions, how words lost a meaning and how something that is unimportant to us can mean so much to another person. I can say that it was a really good movie, because the producer didn't use eye candy tricks to make it enjoyable. The action happened in very few places, but the conversation between them was so meaningful and lacking clichés. I must also add that the actors were fabulous.

Reviewed by sycorax0 8 / 10

very good European film

Do not be mislead by the title, the plot's action takes place in Madrid. The story is centered on a young man and a girl that meet at a party, and is very credible and well transmitted to the audience.

The man is a Latin charmer, the girl is a beautiful, simple, shy one. Do not think it will bore you, because unexpected things can and will happen.

I've seen the film in a festival, and it sure left me thinking about it for hours. I rate it with 8 because it is not a very complex/life changing story, it is a simple story that is well told.

For a well made, convincing story and great cinematography I place the film director in the same class as Almodovar and other great Spanish directors.

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