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Michael Ironside as Dr. Neilson
Jesse Moss as Jack
Dylan Playfair as Robbie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaelant555 5 / 10

Not bad but falls apart towards the end

A woman is having twins and the second one is still-born. When she gets home strange things begin happening and this turns into a quite a good horror film with subtle flavours of Paranormal Activity and The Grudge. So why then only a five star rating? It's the third act! Unfortunately, a few things happened which just made me shut off emotionally and shake my head in disbelief.

The first and second act I would give a six and the third act a three or four so I've given it an overall five stars.

I don't regret sitting through this and it has quite a lot to offer horror fans. The acting is good and it's pretty creepy all the way through so I would definitely recommend it - just remember it has five stars and not six or seven.

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Born Dead

Not just a song title from the Band Bodycount (though they have a different social message attached to that song of course), but also the premise for this movie. Well the starting point you could argue. You can say that this ticks all the right boxes (something the previous reviewer did, and that is not wrong in itself). You can also say that it goes by the numbers.

That's not always a bad thing, if executed well. And this is decent enough with enough scares to keep you interested and make you wonder what is going on, or rather what is real and what not. So if you have love for horror movies and empathize easily this will float your boat all the way through ...

Reviewed by 7 / 10

Domestic chiller hits all the right (albeit predictable) tropes and notes

STILL/BORN (2017) **1/2 Christie Burke, Jesse Moss, Rebecca Olson, Jenn Griffin, Sheila McCarthy, Michael Ironside. Domestic chiller about a young couple who deal with the loss of one of their twins face quite a bargain they didn't anticipate in their beautiful new home: a wraith-like demon hellbent on kidnapping their infant son for nefarious reasons aplenty. Well-produced and directed by Brandon Christensen (who co-wrote the clear-eyed and scary screenplay with Colin Minihan) touches on every parent's nightmare in spades with prickpoint accuracy. The only problem is the tropes are predictable in spite of a very convincing turn by Burke as a mother in a downward spiral fighting every urge to protect her innocent baby despite the overwhelming odds of mixing the supernatural with postpartum depression.

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