Still Life



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Eddie Marsan as John May
Joanne Froggatt as Kelly Stoke
Paul Anderson as Homeless Man
Bronson Webb as Morgue Attendant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by minerva000 8 / 10

Poignant, beautiful small movie with heart

A tour-de-force by Eddie Marsan, in the quietest possible way. This is a poignant, thoughtful look at a man out of step with the modern world, who still holds to the (outdated) values of treating others with dignity and respect, in their last journey. He plays a British civil servant whose job is to organise funerals for those who have died alone, and locate their friends/relatives to advise them of their bereavement. After 22 years, he still pursues each new case with understated vigour, diligently seeking out anyone who may have had a connection to the deceased, but often being the sole attendant at the funeral.

It is a beautifully filmed slice-of-life on the themes of loneliness, loss and the disconnection of human beings in modern urban life. Marsan's performance is very authentic and affecting, and one is drawn in by his compassion and humanity. But then his Council decides it is inefficient - as a cost-cutting measure, you understand - to maintain his job, as "once they're dead, they don't care"... Marsan, battling till his final day in the face of bureaucratic indifference, finds some genuine connections and a ray of hope appears on his horizon...

This movie had lots of small moments of humour - a scene with two homeless men, and another with a Corrections officer are subtly amusing. But mostly, it is a thought-provoking homage to our humanity, and a reminder that social contacts with those we care for, are often the most positive, important and joyous moments of our lives. The movie sneaks up on you, and reaches into your soul, and I will remember it for a long time.

Reviewed by john_kaska 9 / 10

So English so brilliantly done

This is a great film, absorbing from start to finish. The lead actor Eddie Marsan (playing John May) is outstanding.

Let me first say that this is not a comedy. It has a dark theme, loneliness and death. May works for the council and his delightful job is to track down relatives of people who have died alone. Sometimes though these people die alone for a good reason and so May is often the sole attendee at the funeral. May is so compassionate that he tries to replace the missing family and friends by writing obituaries based on what he finds at the deceased 's residence. It's really touching and sincere. May himself is also a bit of a loner. The scenes of how people live and the way they talk about each other is beautifully done and so English - fish and chip shops, the pub, the banter with old colleagues of victims. Marsan is just superb. The other characters are minor compared to him but still make excellent contributions (Jumbo makes a few serious comments about war, Mary in the chip shop helps us see a better side of a tough guy, the same guy's daughter gives us another view again). I really like the way the story develops and found the ending very satisfying and fitting. Go see it.

Reviewed by burlyhammer 10 / 10

How to write a poignant story about lonely people

This is my first-ever review on IMDb (and my first movie review as well), but while watching this superb gem of cinematography I couldn't help but think that it deserved the effort.

I will not go into details as for the plot, which is quite simple and linear, yet very peculiar. The movie is about the everyday life of John May, who works for his borough council in a very special function, as he arranges funerals for people who died alone and in the meanwhile he tries to track down any relatives or friends who may want to come to the funeral.

I was intrigued by the movie as soon as I read about it, but it went way over my expectations. The plot is perfectly structured around the main character, each and every scene is deeply evocative and, even if dialogues are very short and rare, the slow pace of the movie doesn't make it boring at all.

But what makes this movie a valid 10 out of 10 rating is the bittersweet ending, that I found very touching and communicates a strong message of hope irrespective of the tragic setting. This shows how directors can make a great movie without forcing viewers to a 3-hour marathon of twisting plots or leaving them with a sense of unfinished business with ambiguous endings.

In conclusion, I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to enjoy a short, but poignant reflection on loneliness and human bonding.

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