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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dianne00 9 / 10

Good movie that keeps you thinking

It's rare to find a good story without the gore and heavy duty sex scenes, oh sure, there's some killing and even some implied sex. But that's not what makes this movie good, it keeps you thinking and that's satisfying and made even more enjoyable thanks to good acting and good direction.

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 5 / 10

Just average, even below average.

Well I guess I will be the first reviewer that wasn't that impressed by this movie. The beginning had me wondering what was going on, so at that point it had my full attention, but in the end it just didn't make much sense and so I had troubles to stay concentrated for the entire movie. It's kinda slow and that combined with the story is just not a good thing. The acting was okay though so nothing bad to write about them. To me the story had potential but they missed an opportunity to make it a much better movie. Tomorrow I will have forgotten everything about this movie that's how captivating it was to me.

Reviewed by richo_barrera 8 / 10


2 people find the fountain of youth, literally, in the 1800s, and kill everyone who comes close to know the secret. They live until present day, keeping themselves in their 20s, never aging a day, but they have to keep drinking otherwise they age almost instantly until they die. At the end they decide they have lived long enough and that what they were doing wasn't natural, so they pass on to the secret to a girl who has cancer and so on.

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