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Jessica Biel as Lt. Kara Wade
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Josh Lucas as Lt. Ben Gannon
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Reviewed by jonsefcik 3 / 10


I'd recommend Stealth to any aviation enthusiast. Not because it's a faithful and heartfelt tribute to the military pilots of yesterday or today, or even because it's quality cinema. I recommend it because it's so bad it's good.

To this film's credit, the CGI holds up really well and I appreciate the scale of the production in some scenes such as use of the real USS Abraham Lincoln and practical explosions. On the special features it shows they took pictures of the inside of F-18s to make the inside-the-plane transition shots more accurate. Besides that, this movie is just plain STUPID! If the events of this movie actually happened, it would trigger World War III.

Let's start with the fictional F-37 Talons: how do these things even fly? The trailing edge of their variable geometry wings in the extended position becomes the leading edge in the retracted position. How would they generate any lift in that configuration? Also, isn't variable geometry kind of a Cold War relic? You don't really see it on new aircraft anymore.

Lt. Gannon drops the bomb in Rangoon out of pure ego, something a real military pilot would never do. EDI apparently becomes evil after a lightning strike. That's not how technology works! I love how EDI cranks up the music to drown out Gannon like an angsty teenager. What exactly was their flight path on the second mission? They're presumably in the Indian Ocean, flying north to bomb a target in Tajikistan, then fly east presumably over China to...North Korea? Why? EDI breaks formation to bomb an imaginary target in Russia and Henry chases him. EDI flies low and starts zigzagging through a canyon. I don't pretend to be an expert on dogfighting tactics, but I'm pretty sure one of the first strategic things they teach you is you have the advantage when you're above and behind the enemy aircraft. Why would you not only give up your advantage but endanger your own aircraft by flying after them? Why use a missile in such tight quarters and not a gun?

Wade has to bail out over North Korea. First of all, this American military pilot decided to fly over the most vehemently anti-capitalist nation on Earth? Second, what's the range on these planes? That trip must be like 5000 miles by now without refueling. It's a fighter-bomber not a Boeing 767! Sure Gannon and EDI refuel but we never see Wade do it. Wouldn't a self-destruct on a military aircraft have to manually operated and not automatic? That'd be dangerous for the pilot. When Wade ejects the aircraft blows up right over her so she's chased by debris the whole way down. The plane would still be moving forward after she ejects so even if she only had 5 seconds the plane would be like a mile away when it exploded.

EDI and Gannon are intercepted by and shoot down Russian Flankers. Your planes are Mach 5 capable! Why not outrun them? Not to mention two American planes penetrating Russian airspace and shooting down three Russian fighters probably wouldn't be great for foreign relations. It took me years to finally figure out Capt. Cummings wants everyone who knows about EDI killed since they don't really develop it. Not to mention Gannon and EDI bombing the DMZ to save Wade. I couldn't think of a faster way to start WWIII with Russia and North Korea.

And oh yeah, 1 is not a prime number! What was the point of that whole lucky prime number thing anyway?

I didn't even mention the simplistic and unlikable characters, something other reviewers seem to have covered. Overall, this film's plot is so stupid its actually funny. If you love military aircraft, Stealth is so bad it's good.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10

Jaw-droppingly awful

STEALTH is an incredibly bad Hollywood blockbuster and the worst I can think of of its type. It's an adventure story about a new fighter jet imbued with artificial intelligence that goes rogue after a lightning strike, leaving the human pilots with no option but to attempt to take it down. It sounds workable on paper but in terms of execution this is appalling stuff indeed, a mindless CGI adventure and nothing else.

The story points are ludicrous and unbelievable, the characters cardboard-thin and clichéd. The film is nearly all action, action depicted by CGI which must have looked awful on release and looks awful now. You feel like you're watching someone play an old Playstation 2 game, not a film with real-life jets and hardware. There's a trio of heroes: Josh Lucas, wooden beyond belief; Jamie Foxx, awkward and out of place; Jessica Biel, basically treated as a sex object by the director.

Outside of the awful effects, there are some hilarious moments in this. The Americans manage to shoot down a couple of Russian fighter jets over Russian airspace as well as pretty much invading North Korean and blowing up their defences and a helicopter at the same time. Apparently there's no comeback after these hostile incursions; no WW3, just gung-ho flag-waving and sentiment. STEALTH really does have to be seen to be believed because as bad films go this is one of the very worst.

Reviewed by Robert J. Maxwell 5 / 10

You Want Action? We Got Action!

I don't know why they call this movie "Stealth." There are a lot of stealthy looking Naval aircraft in it but stealth counts for nothing. There's no action in being stealthy. And this has nothing but action. When the pilots are on foot and not exchanging machine gun fire with enemy troops on the ground, the airplanes are whipping around through the sky, doing maneuvers at Mach 1 that would generate G forces that would squash any ordinary human being into something resembling the world's biggest pizza pie.

Oh -- and another thing. Why do they call these guys on giant modern aircraft carriers "sailors"? They're not sailors. They're city dwellers living in a gigantic apartment complex with an ocean view. I was a sailor on a Coast Guard cutter the size of a destroyer, and a sailor is somebody who gets waked up in the middle of the night by some boatswain's mate with a cup of coffee in his hand and is ordered to mop up the sea water that's been shipped into the crew's quarters.

I'm glad I was finally able to get that off my chest. Yes. I feel much better now, Doctor.

Let me see about the plot. It rips off so many other films that I lost track. A fully computerized fighter bomber goes berserk like an airborne HAL2000 series and begins to disobey orders until at the end it sacrifices itself to save two American pilots. The pilots and the flying junkyard and their joint boss, Sam Shepherd, are real beauties too. We're not at war with anybody, yet -- let me thing -- we blast hell out of a ten-story building in Rangoon where some terrorists are supposed to be hiding. We then obliterate a scud missile base in Cloud Cuckoostan, sending a roiling billow of radioactive dust over a nearby village full of innocent but swarthy people. We violate Russian air space and shoot down a couple of their interceptors. We violate North Korean air space and obliterate the troops that pursue our downed pilot. Our losses: one pilot, by accident, sort of. I don't think I left anybody out.

The award for best performance in a junky movie goes to -- envelope, please -- YES, HAL2000 Series C! Here name "EDI", Hal has a somewhat soothing voice, the kind that might come from a late-night classical music program on FM radio, but it's kind of feminine too. And, unlike HAL, it can make wisecracks and argue with its controllers. It even makes a little joke before it commits altruistic suicide. "Good-bye," says HAL casually before ramming a North Korean helicopter.

When "Something Wicked This Way Comes" was released, critics were disappointed. They'd been promised a glimpse of these new things called computer-generated images, and all they got was a few seconds of some digitalized choo-choo. Those CGIs were embedded in a human story. Now it's the other way around,.

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