Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 67525


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Ryan Gosling as Henry Letham
Ewan McGregor as Dr. Sam Foster
Naomi Watts as Lila Culpepper
Jessica Hecht as Boy's Mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Boristhemoggy 1 / 10

The best way you can enjoy this movie is not to see it.

What an utter load of pretentious nonsense. A film should be a story, that story ought to engage you, and entertain or inform you in some way. This film does none of that. I fell asleep twice while I tried to finish it, and I really resented having to watch til the end, I feel I let myself down and ought to have not wasted a full hour and a half on it. Some say it is Lynch-esque. That's simply trying to help justify wasting a small part of your life on it, and imbue it with some sort of historical validation from a supposed great director. The truth is it is Lynch-esque because like some David Lynch films, they're disjointed and disconnected scenes pretending to be art but instead simply being bad stories, badly filmed and with no real flow or point to them. Throughout the film Ewan McGregors character wears trousers much too short which shows him looking slightly ridiculous. Supposedly this is because in one tiny scene he appears to this way to Ryan Goslings character who is lying on the ground looking up at him. Firstly, we don't see that view, and secondly even if we did how could we possibly connect the two things? And even if it was possibly to connect the two things....why?? Why would you make a person seem ridiculous through a whole film just because of one view another person had that we didn't even see? I don't rate Ewan McGregor anyway I think he's highly overrated. Naomi Watts acts very well, but she acts the same person in every single film she does so I don't really rate her either. Honestly, if like me you came late to the party and haven't watched this yet...please, don't! You will regret the waste of time.

Reviewed by arvinsanaei 10 / 10

Not for simple minded people!

I watched the movie 8 years ago and still cant forget this movie. I watched it over 10 times and still there are details here and there that are actually WORTH be seen. I appreciate putting so many details in a movie. That means they put a lot of efforts to make the movie. Anyway, it's the main concept that is amazingly get you stunned through the whole movie which is ironically simple. 'Near death experience' is not the exact words I like to describe it with, but there are almost no other words to explain it with. It is a journey that Henry( Ryan Gosling ) is having with bunch of people standing near him(while he is dying) with a sense of guilt and looks for forgiveness basically. From the beginning of his journey, everything that is happening is a projection of what is happening around him. For example, Dr Levy is is handing Henry to Sam ( Ewan Mcgregor ) which is exactly happens in reality when Sam gets to Henry after the accident. But not everything projects as it is happening around Henry to his dream. For instance, Lila gets there and speaks with him when he is dying but we do not see them encounter with each other in the dream. The performances are great. The music is brilliantly colors the movie and visual effects are stunning have play a big role in story telling. To sum up, Stay was a great experience which stays with you after even watching the movie and makes you think about it for a long time.

Reviewed by barkerdylan 9 / 10

Drastically and Dangerously Underrated Film

"Stay" is a film that most don't appreciate. In order to properly asses the film you have to watch it multiple times (minimum of 2). When watching the film it may seem like atrocious direction/cinematography but in the end, after analysis, it is bad for a purpose. It is an absolutely beautiful and intelligent film that is drastically underrated. You cannot possibly rate this film after the first viewing. A proper film analysis is needed to understand the techniques and story line used in "Stay." Renting or even buying this film is definitely worth your time and money. Although, don't be too quick to judge the film.

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