Status Update


Comedy / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 673


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Courtney Eaton as Charlotte Alden
Wendi McLendon-Covey as Ann Moore
Gregg Sulkin as Derek Lowe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brittneyarc 10 / 10

Love everything with ROSS LYNCH!

Absolutely love everything with Ross Lynch in it!!!! Amazing actor, dancer, singer and overall a very well rounded entertainer!

Reviewed by Andy Smallbone 8 / 10


Great little film. wont win any oscars but if you like the disney high school musical type films then this will hit the spot.

Reviewed by daddylovesisaac 8 / 10

Status Update.. doesn't need much of an update

Status Update was a great, sexy film about teenager Kyle who gets a new phone and an app called Universe and is able to make his thoughts come true by updating his status. The movie was great, he went to this phone store after his phone got smashed by stupid bullies. This guy at the store said that when he went on to this app he was able to control his thoughts and make his dreams come true. At first he didn't understand, but then he fully understood. He writes things on his status like 'Sang and danced like Bruno Mars' and 'Fighted like Bruce Lee' and does so. I felt really bad for Kyle at some points, because his buddy Ronnie ditched him after he was invited to spend the night out with him and his mum and dad at a quiet restaurant and went to a noisy fancy dress house party. His girlfriend also ditched him because he was talking to her at the party and another sexy girl came and pushed her out of his way and then they made out together when he was supposed to be with his proper girlfriend. After that, whenever he tried to grab Ronnie or his girlfriend's attention, they just walked straight past and ignored him. They were saying things to him like Go away I hate you you embarrassed me etc.. It's also sad when another kid tells the truth about why Kyle is so successful and everyone is chanting and cheering for the truthful kid and he is saying I'm telling you the truth it's true etc.. Yet another sad part in the story is that Kyle's girlfriend did a song for him and with him which they did in his girlfriend's bedroom called 'Drowning in Your Love'. In the song she tells the story about the time she first she first saw Kyle, and how much she loved him and all that before she broke up with him because of this other girl. Anyway she made up with him in the end, saying she was "kinda happy to be with you", so did Ronnie earlier on in the film. Kyle's Universe app breaks too, which is sad. Isaac's Parents Guide: A lot of sex references like in the Bruno Mars scene where he sings 'your sex takes me to paradise' and pretends to masturbate. Also the bit where Charlotte's non-sexy mum asks him to help her in their kitchen, and wants sex with him. He gets away though. Some comic violence. Some profanity like 'bitch' and 'pussy' among a few others. Not really any intense scenes. Great for kids age 12 and up.

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