State Fair


Action / Comedy / Drama / Musical / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
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Harry Morgan as Barker
John Dehner as Hog Contest Announcer
Vivian Blaine as Emily Edwards
Dana Andrews as Pat Gilbert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 9 / 10

Great score, great cast!

Copyright 29 August 1945 by 20th Century-Fox Film Corp. New York opening at the Roxy: 30 August 1945. U.S. release: October 1945. U.K. release: 24 December 1945. Australian release: 2 May 1946. 9,288 feet. 103 minutes. U.S. television title: IT HAPPENED ONE SUMMER.

SYNOPSIS: Fast-talking reporter romances country girl at Iowa State Fair. Her brother meantime has fallen for a red-headed singer.

NOTES: Prestigious Hollywood award, Best Song, "It Might As Well Be Spring", defeating the following huge line-up of nominees: "Accentuate the Positive" from Here Come the Waves; "Anywhere" from Tonight and Every Night; "Aren't You Glad You're You" from The Bells of St Mary's; "The Cat and the Canary" from Why Girls Leave Home; "Endlessly" from Earl Carroll Vanities; "I Fall in Love Too Easily" from Anchors Aweigh; "I'll Buy That Dream" from Sing Your Way Home; "Linda" from G.I. Joe; "Love Letters" from Love Letters; "More and More" from Can't Help Singing; "Sleighride in July" from Belle of the Yukon; "So in Love" from Wonder Man; "Some Sunday Morning" from San Antonio. Nominated for Best Scoring of a Musical but lost out to Anchors Aweigh.

Third to Leave Her to Heaven and The Dolly Sisters as Fox's top domestic box-office attraction of 1945. Initial domestic rentals gross: $4.1 million.

This is the second of Fox's three film versions of the novel. The first starred Will Rogers and was directed by Henry King in 1933. José Ferrer directed a 1962 remake with Tom Ewell, Alice Faye, Pat Boone and Ann-Margret.

COMMENT: The score's the thing all right. And it's staged in a very lively fashion. In fact Walter Lang's direction throughout is a great deal more fluid, vigorous and imaginative than is his usual humdrum norm. If you can accept Shamroy's somewhat over-garish Technicolor, production values are great as well. Certainly, Miss Crain, beautifully costumed too, has never looked lovelier. Haymes has charm and sings so agreeably, you'd think he's all set for a major movie career. Ditto Vivian Blaine who handles the femme fatale with passion. Marshall, though obviously dubbed for his songs, plays the heavy with skill. And of course there are marvelous opportunities for character players like Kilbride (who is the first person we see on the screen — singing too!), Winninger, Bainter, Meek, McHugh and Morgan (who has a memorable bit as a surly sideshow chiseler).

The director manages to build excellent suspense out of the film's simple pleasures — the judging of a pickle contest and champion boar. The carnival atmosphere is beautifully captured in sets and extra players. Editing is sharp, the staging brisk. But, as said above, it's the songs that make the movie the really top-class entertainment experience it is.

Reviewed by kz917-1 7 / 10

Rodgers & Hammerstein in the vein of Oklahoma

Not quite as good as Oklahoma though.. But this movie definitely has some spellbinding numbers that gets everyone up and dancing.

The last musical set in Iowa that I can recall was The Music Man. This one tries and entertains for the most part. Love and unrequited love abounds! There have been various versions with different casts as well. I am interested to see some of those!

Reviewed by gavin6942 6 / 10

Some Good Songs, But Still Dated

Farm family Frake, with discontented daughter Margy, head for the Iowa State Fair. On the first day, both Margy and brother Wayne meet attractive new flames; so does father's prize hog, Blue Boy.

I really liked this film from the opening shots. The first song is great, and includes the phrase "dollars to doughnuts", which I always thought was a strange one. Now I know where it comes from. After that, it sort of goes downhill. Most of the songs are rather dated, and the overall romance stories are cheesy. Granted, this is supposed to be a stage musical, so it has to be rushed a little... but it seems off.

I really liked the pig, though. More pig and more catchy tunes and this would be a definite winner.

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