Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars


Action / Animation / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 3745


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Dina Meyer as Dizzy Flores
Casper Van Dien as Johnny Rico
DeRay Davis as One-Oh-One
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by draftdubya 2 / 10

Martian poop

The villian supposed to be the smartest person ever, but don'y understand the blow back of blowing up Mars(you know our nearest neighbor). Europe sized objects would fly directly towards earth. I have no clue the the Psychic guy couldn't just off her since it was shown he could give her a bloody nose from a distance. Rico's voice sound like Archer. Rico's troops were just annoying.

Reviewed by Mike E 2 / 10



A piece of art is either Good or Bad. A Yes, you would recommend it to others or a No, don't waste your time

Reviewed by JoeB131 2 / 10

Casper van Dein enters the Uncanny valley

This is the second animated feature based on Paul Vorhoeven's adaptation of Robert Heinlein's work. To give it credit, it's vision of the Mobile Infantry is actually a lot closer to Heinlein's original vision, where the MI wears battle armor capable of inflicting lots of destruction on the animated insects.

The plot line is that the new Sky Marshall allowed the bugs to invade Mars so she'd have an excuse to destroy the planet to any other colony that would want independence from the Federation.

The animation still looks creepy as heck, even though some of the close-ups of faces are pretty detailed. The action scenes are dull, nothing we haven't seen in three previous movies.

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