Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars


Action / Animation / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
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Dina Meyer as Dizzy Flores
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DeRay Davis as One-Oh-One
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bencex 3 / 10

If you were a fan of the 1st one, don't watch this one

I'm giving it 3 stars because of the voice actors (original cast). Other than that, the film is garbage. I'm no military expert but the military/logical errors in the movie are terrible. It feels like the who script, story was written for some 10 year olds. Full of boring, old clichés and jokes that makes you want to fall asleep. If you really have nothing else to do, watch it, but even brushing your teeth for 1,5 hours is more entertaining than this. Such a shame they killed this great franchise after the first movie.

Reviewed by rdenisw 5 / 10

Great animation, lacking a decent script

How disappointing this film was. The book that is the foundation of this series far surpasses anything that has been done cinematically, and this movie falls very short as well.

The animation and artwork were top-notch; it's the lack of anything resembling a sensible plot that is so grating. Not for the first time I wish that someone with knowledge of military matters had some influence on the scriptwriters. We see the usual thousands upon thousands of enemy bugs attacking without regard to their own safety or whether they live or die; this is fine, this is how insects in our world do operate, so that part is OK- though it lacks any nuance.

But having soldiers who are just as mindless, who are totally inept, and careless of their own safety? Cracking jokes while their comrades are being massacred? Troops that have no idea about defensive formations, who don't worry about ammo, who bunch up in the middle of a plain and allow themselves to be surrounded & never think of taking cover? Who shoot off nuclear arms and then stand around to watch the bang? This is too silly even for slapstick!

The Martian Lieutenant was a buffoon who trips over his own feet and shoots a nuke when he meant to shoot his rifle. I guess that was supposed to be funny, but good grief. Shaking my head! This could have been such a good movie, if only the makers had "played it straight" and tried to tell a good dramatic story instead of deciding to make soldiers look like moronic fools. (Though the art & animation were so very good that at times I forgot that I was watching an animation and it felt like I was watching a live-action movie.)

All I can say is, grab the book by Heinlein for a really good story. It'll make you think; and you'll wonder (like I do) how anyone could take such a marvelously good story and turn it into this pile of rubbish! I'm still waiting for someone to make the first decent film of this wonderful book!

Reviewed by Harun Karali 6 / 10

Not Bad, Just doesn't live up to it's legacy

If you were a fan of the original film as I was, you will enjoy the small Easter eggs in the film. As for the animation itself, the story was good, mainly because it felt like it was trying to relate to real life. A little heavy on politics and how important leadership is. The major issue with this film is the pacing, I love humor in any film especially action, however in this case I couldn't even crack a smile. Which put a damper on the pace of the film. If this was directed at a younger audience then it would be excusable, but since this is an R- rated animation, I cannot overlook it. That being said, I did tear up a few times, not because of any emotional scene but because of the nostalgic feeling it gave me, quotes like"you want to live forever?" made me recall the original film. Is it too much to ask for a live action sequel to the original.

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