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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
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Christopher Plummer as The Emperor
David Hasselhoff as Prince Simon
Candy Clark as Stella Star
Caroline Munro as Stella Star
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sam Panico 9 / 10

One of my favorites!

Starcrash holds fond memories for me, because I saw it on a double bill with tomorrow's film, Battle Beyond the Stars, at the Spotlite 88 Drive-In Theater. I vividly remember my dad laughing through most of the movie, but really liking the part where the rockets were fired into the Count's ship and men jumped out of them. For the next several months, I thought more about these two films than Star Wars - we still had another year to go before The Empire Strikes Back as this was in the days before constant Star Wars-related media.

Reviewed by aa56 1 / 10

Mama Mia! Santa Lucia!

At first I thought this screenplay was written by third graders for a class project, and then on IMDb I saw it is Italian. How could a country that produced Galileo, Michelangelo, and DaVinci turn out this dreck? The only redeeming entity in it for males is Caroline Munro portraying Stella Star. Not that I'm complaining, but in scenes where other characters are fully dressed, she wears some sort of bikini apparently without feeling any embarrassment at all. One is hard pressed to describe the plot, because there really isn't any in the formal sense of the word. As I wrote, it seems to have been concocted by third graders who tried to extrapolate on some scientific principle they saw in a Saturday-morning cartoon. Or maybe, being written in Italian, it was "translated" by someone having only a phrase-book knowledge of the language.

Reviewed by gavin6942 4 / 10

Awful... but Fun?

An outlaw smuggler and her alien companion are recruited by the Emperor of the Galaxy to rescue his son and destroy a secret weapon by the evil Count Zarth Arn.

This is one of those films you watch and wonder how it ever got made. Some decent casting, including Christopher Plummer, makes you expect something a little bit better than you get. In fact, this is a lesser film than similar themes that AIP was doing at the same time.

Although it is interesting, and sort of enjoyable in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way, it never really rises above a strange curiosity. The appeal is quite limited, maybe something that fans of Italian B-movies would eat up. I don't know. The movie is as mysterious as the lead character's wardrobe choices.

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