Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
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Daniel Craig as Stormtrooper
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia
Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
Harrison Ford as Han Solo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FakeGlasses 2 / 10

the laughs on me the sucker

a vapid and uninspired exercise in funneling cash from me to Hollywood, Abrams and the synagogue this was the new template for making money. take someone else's work and reshoot with minor variations and call it a new episode. Lucas cashed in and sold out and sadly does not care anymore. The old actors were also desperate for cash so sold out and showed up. The reviewers and media also dared not be honest and were blinded by cash. It is up to us to at least learn from our mistakes and deny episode 8 the success to send a message to Disneywood that we are not losers.How by boycotting the next 12 episodes, offshoots, producer and this terrible director.

Reviewed by Rabbi Khakham 2 / 10

Everyone Owes The Son Of Tribe JJ Abrama An Apology

He s a genius and even if he is not as the member and son of the tribe he deserves to be given his fair share of projects to produce and direct. Is it his fault that the bad guys (anti-semites) rebuild a death star with the same fault and design defect as the original ones? No. Is it his fault that the new empire is flying by yet another desert planet? No. Is it his fault that the new military leader of the empire is an emo wanna-be with severe emotional turbulence and a groupie of the old jihadi darth? No. Is it his fault that good help is hard to find and the stormtroopers can't hit a Bergruutfa from a meter away? No.

Are any of these reason enough to deny our eydlkayt his fill of work orders? No. And even if they were so what? We have to take care of him. You think he ruined Star Trek with non canon, time-line destroying tripe and Super 8 was a meaningless, inexplicable piece of nonsense and yet he got handed the reins for Star Wars by Talmudic Disney? Doesn't matter... keep enjoying the series, the books, merch, offshoots, sequels, prequels, TV series, rides and theme parks and don't forget to order popcorn.

Reviewed by BiiivAL 8 / 10

A new beginning

The heroic cosmo-opera "Star Wars" ended with the third episode "Revenge of the Sith" in the distant 2005th year, later books and serials opened deeper into the universe, using plots of the expanded canon that shed light on clonic wars and some heroes like Darth Maul, the best villain franchise - Darth Vader. Six episodes of the saga, for all its difference in influence on the viewer and the fans together made up an amazingly solid canvas. The classic adventures of old films and political epic and air battles began the twenty-first century. The new generation requires a new "Star Wars". But the merger of Lucas Films and Disney, together with the cancellation of canons, triggered a sharp narrowing of the universe, where the new heroes are creating a new story. The new trilogy wanted to see when it comes out completely, but knowing how they like to squeeze money out of milk cows, then nine episodes may not be limited, so did not begin to delay acquaintance. The synopsis of the film can be briefly described as follows: Luke Skywalker went into voluntary exile and became a myth. But in a distant galaxy, a conflict is arising between the First Order, inheriting the traditions of the Empire, and the Resistance, led by former Princess Leia. She sends her best pilot to find the map, which will indicate where her brother disappeared. By chance, the card hits the attack aircraft Finn, who does not want to serve the First Order, and the scavenger Ray from the provincial planet Giacca. Find the last Jedi not only they dream, but also the powerful servant of the First Order of Kylo Ren ... Studio Disney conducted a workshop campaign to promote the seventh episode of the "Star Wars". Around the film was created an incredible hype, and at the same time Jay Abrams and his comrades managed almost nothing to talk about the content of the upcoming film. It seems the last time such an atmosphere of mystery surrounding the plot of the fantastic film was before the release of the third "Matrix". And the Wachowski brothers were intrigued not for nothing - their picture was generous with surprises (successful or not very much discussed some other time). Abrams, on the other hand, is inclined to foment intrigue where there is no need. So, he let the fog around the character of Benedict Cumberbatch in the second "Star Trek", although only the lazy did not know who it was. That's the mystery surrounding the story "Awakening Force" had no special meaning, because he does not present any special surprises. The director has repeatedly confessed his love for the original Star Wars trilogy and stressed that he was trying to reproduce the stylistics and spirit of the classic episodes of the saga. But in his desire to be equal to them Abrams did not confine himself to the video series - the plot is also built according to the patterns of the early "Star Wars". Something similar could be seen in the universe of the Jurassic Period, where the classic "Park ..." was also resurrected, but in the new high-tech scenery, repeating the classics of the ninety-third year, the film offered nothing fundamentally new. The same can be said about the "Awakening of Power": it successfully reproduces the atmosphere of old star wars, does not skimp on references and direct quotes, but there is not even a new history here. As it seems to me here the failures of the starting trilogy films, I want to immediately show all the most important, give the right keys, but do not disclose all the cards at once, otherwise the case will prove to be dying before the situation requires it. Of all the new characters (Finn, Po Dameron, Ray) the latter is better uncovered and even then it is not completely, I think that the episode of the eighth will give a little more information and food for thought about its origin. Finn is also a good character, but could be worked out better, the blessing is kind: a stormtrooper who crossed over to the side of the Resistance, but the motives for desertion are not disclosed, there are no clear leaks to this. According to Dameron, too often loomed on the screen to make any judgments. Actor's work pleased. The newcomers coped well. Joe Boega in the role of Finn looks good, there is in this stormtrooper a comical element. Daisy Ridley in the role of Ray coped with its task, in her fate I see similarities with Luke and Anakin, in the sense that both grew on desert planets. Giacca is somewhat similar to Tatooine, but the atmosphere there seems gloomier. In the role of Kylo Rena is Adam Driver, the one who I liked as the priest Garuho, whose moral appearance impressed me slightly more than the main character. Kylo Ren is an ambitious character with a great villainous potential, but ultimately it is the synthesis of Anakin Skywalker's rushing, not knowing what he needs. But his ancestor to the dark side was reduced to the Sith, the future Emperor. Somehow his motivation is somehow incomprehensible: he wants to match his ancestor, but in this episode it has not turned out so far. Verdicting: By and large the film turned out to be quite good. Of the advantages worth noting the style of the original trilogy, spectacular video (in this movie has always succeeded), the acting is not for everyone, but by and large does not cause questions. But the film is worth watching. Wait and see! All good and pleasant viewing!

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