Star Trek V: The Final Frontier


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Leonard Nimoy as Spock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prichards12345 1 / 10

Shatner Versus God. Shatner Wins...

Welcome to the Plan 9 From Outer Space of Star Trek movies. Come on, trekkers, admit it. This movie is so bad, so staggeringly inept in every department, it's become something of a classic.

The Shat gives the worst performance ever committed to celluloid. "BOONES! Hi, Bones" Brilliant! This isn't just Ham - it's several large pig farms in Kentucky!

The "Special" Effects. Should be done under the trade descriptions act for using such a term. The Enterprise is a moving piece of cardboard in this film. Really! Even the Star Trek TV show had better.

Bones, Spock and The Shat sing! Yeah, Spock sings Row Row Row Your Boat. After struggling over the meaning of the words!!!! "Capt. Life is Not A Dream" Poor Leonard Nimoy, he must really want to strangle Shatner for this. Could The Shat not have given us his rendition of Mr. Tambourine Man, or harmonised with Nimoy on Ballad of Bilbo Baggins? Sorely disappointed.

A Sean Connery look-a-like plays Spock's half-brother. Only cos they couldn't get Sean Connery! Uhura does a fan dance! That would have been sexy in 1966. In 1989 it's like watching your drunk granny embarrass herself at a Christmas Party. Much amusement from watching Spock neck-pinch a horse...

Cat Woman/Tina Turner Jumps on Shatner's back! Shat twirls her around a few times like a WWF Wrestler, and chucks her off. Yayy The Shat! He shows his respect for alien life forms by leaving her face down in a pool of water. Nice one! Seems Connery 2.0 was a bit of a Vulcan rebel. Which explains why Spock hasn't previously mentioned him in 79 t.v episodes and 4 movies. McCoy apparently mercy-killed his Dad, BUT AFTERWARDS THEY FOUND A CURE. Tell me this isn't hysterically funny.

The 11 deck Enterprise suddenly grows another 400 decks for an escape sequence in an elevator shaft. The Enterprise breaches the galactic barrier, which has mysteriously moved from the edge to the centre of the galaxy (see Where No Man Has Gone Before). Still, that's only about 50,000 light years... Shatner meets God! Or what purports to be God, but I assume is really some kind of alien being. God looks a bit like Charlton Heston in The 10 Commandments. Sean Connery MK II calls on God to share his pain, and promptly dies. Or something. God punishes the Shat for questioning his identity. So Spock kills God with a photon torpedo. I'd love to know what Jehovah's Witnesses made of this scene.

The Shat, having killed God, promptly goes back to his sing-song with Spock and Bones. Altogether now, Row Row Row Your Boat.....

Reviewed by cormack_ian 7 / 10

Better than I remember - A true character insight

I recently bought the original Star Trek films on Blu Ray and have been binge watching them.

Watching them back to back The Final Frontier gives character insight that none of the other films offer.

Bones and his last words to his father, Spock's brother and birth, Kirks belief he'll die alone and the close relationships between other characters that have never been explored.

Sure the story isn't the strongest and the last half hour when they reach the great barrier verges on ridiculous however I would recommend that fans watch or revisit it.

Discovery has received critisism with regards to Spock's adopted sister that we never knew about. The Final Frontier reminded me we know very little about the original series characters and the time period they lived in. We only ever get a glimpse.

The Final Frontier gives us a glimpse into personal issues something that The Orville seems to do very well.

Reviewed by wht1knight 9 / 10

Can Stand The Test Of Time

I enjoyed this film when it was first released. I recall when I first saw it and noted that unlike the previous movies, Star Trek V followed the format of the original show; an opening teaser, opening credits, etc.

My speculation on what really impacted the reception of the movie is that it became a victim of edits and budget cuts. It was the fifth movie, and the studios were going for maximum profits so at a time when VCR and DVDs were just entering the market, a movie's success was tracked by ticket sales, which meant heavy editing to get more showings per day. That was tragic.

The story is very much Star Trek. Finding GOD and an unknown half brother of Spock are not that much different than finding Christ in "Bread and Circuses", or finding Apollo in "Who Mourns For Adonis", or learning that Kirk broke up with a woman who now wants to kill him or that Spock was betrothed in an arranged marriage where his parents failed to make an appearance. What was innovative was giving character expansion. The novel did more of that, so I suspect that good scenes were either note done or were done and then promptly tossed into a waste bucket. One can find some of them on DVD or on the Internet, and they help fill the gaps.

This movie really explains William Shatner. He is an actor who can see a big picture and wants to direct. He is a director who knows the entrainment industry and craft and wants to be an executive producer. He is a product of what is called "old school" and the "studio system". He is a talented individual and in this movie it really shows. There is humor like there is in the tv show. Women have a prominent part, and if one adds the deleted scenes, they have a more prominent and substantial role. Their is good music scoring, good cinematography and photography. The original special effects blended well and do not dominate the movie.

Parts of the movie which did not get shown ultimately find their way onto another movie must see, "Galaxy Quest". That tells a person something.

So ignore the rumors, ignore the snide remarks and bad press and watch this movie with an open mind. You will not be disappointed.

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