Star Trek V: The Final Frontier


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Leonard Nimoy as Spock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cormack_ian 7 / 10

Better than I remember - A true character insight

I recently bought the original Star Trek films on Blu Ray and have been binge watching them.

Watching them back to back The Final Frontier gives character insight that none of the other films offer.

Bones and his last words to his father, Spock's brother and birth, Kirks belief he'll die alone and the close relationships between other characters that have never been explored.

Sure the story isn't the strongest and the last half hour when they reach the great barrier verges on ridiculous however I would recommend that fans watch or revisit it.

Discovery has received critisism with regards to Spock's adopted sister that we never knew about. The Final Frontier reminded me we know very little about the original series characters and the time period they lived in. We only ever get a glimpse.

The Final Frontier gives us a glimpse into personal issues something that The Orville seems to do very well.

Reviewed by wht1knight 9 / 10

Can Stand The Test Of Time

I enjoyed this film when it was first released. I recall when I first saw it and noted that unlike the previous movies, Star Trek V followed the format of the original show; an opening teaser, opening credits, etc.

My speculation on what really impacted the reception of the movie is that it became a victim of edits and budget cuts. It was the fifth movie, and the studios were going for maximum profits so at a time when VCR and DVDs were just entering the market, a movie's success was tracked by ticket sales, which meant heavy editing to get more showings per day. That was tragic.

The story is very much Star Trek. Finding GOD and an unknown half brother of Spock are not that much different than finding Christ in "Bread and Circuses", or finding Apollo in "Who Mourns For Adonis", or learning that Kirk broke up with a woman who now wants to kill him or that Spock was betrothed in an arranged marriage where his parents failed to make an appearance. What was innovative was giving character expansion. The novel did more of that, so I suspect that good scenes were either note done or were done and then promptly tossed into a waste bucket. One can find some of them on DVD or on the Internet, and they help fill the gaps.

This movie really explains William Shatner. He is an actor who can see a big picture and wants to direct. He is a director who knows the entrainment industry and craft and wants to be an executive producer. He is a product of what is called "old school" and the "studio system". He is a talented individual and in this movie it really shows. There is humor like there is in the tv show. Women have a prominent part, and if one adds the deleted scenes, they have a more prominent and substantial role. Their is good music scoring, good cinematography and photography. The original special effects blended well and do not dominate the movie.

Parts of the movie which did not get shown ultimately find their way onto another movie must see, "Galaxy Quest". That tells a person something.

So ignore the rumors, ignore the snide remarks and bad press and watch this movie with an open mind. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by InCole 5 / 10

Easily the worst Star Trek movie in the series

I recently bought the Bluray box set with all Star Trek movies and am watching them in sequence. While I have seen them before they have been very spread out so it is fun to watch in sequence.

Getting to ST5: Final Frontier. What an utter waste of time and disappointment!

Considering that Star Trek 2, 3, 4 were all decent to very good films to follow in the footsteps of those greats and then have this? I would not have minded that this was a mediocre film but this was just downright awful.

As for what makes it so awful, the overarching issue of this film is that it just lacks any and all direction. It is more like you are just watching a random sequence of scenes that have been poorly glued together on the story board by a child with a glue stick.

90% of the scenes in this movie (and I am not at all kidding!) are utterly useless and pointless for the plot of the movie. In fact if you took out all the useless scenes that did nothing at all for character building, story building and was not related in any shape, way, or form to the main plot you would have a 30 minute movie!

This movie is in fact 1 hours and 50 minutes long and because of the utter usefulness of majority of the scenes it felt more like a 3 hour long movie. After 40 minutes I had felt like I had been watching this for an eternity. It was that slow and that boring.

The acting is bad, the story is beyond simplistic, editing is horrendous and the synergy between the actors is horrendous and at times cringe worthy.

Having a look at William Shatner's IMDb page I see that luckily this is the only Star Trek movie he wrote and directed and thus luckily the next movies should be better as I would rather kill myself before sitting through another movie this bad.

I mention Shatner because you really can tell that at the time he directed and wrote this movie he clearly was suffering from self delusion and ego. There are too many scenes where he overacts (no director to tell him he is doing it bad) and many scenes feel written just to prop him in front and center of the scene.

The movie as a whole is cheesy and full of plot holes deep enough to sink an oil tanker in and then still have space left over.

Just a disaster and I feel bad for all the other actors for having to go through this experience and utter waste of time. This is the kind of movie that usually ruins careers as well and it all would have been Shatner's fault.

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