Star Trek: Generations


Action / Adventure / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 48%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamesbrandes 9 / 10

Much Better Film Than I Remembered

When I originally saw this film in 1994 when I was 13 years old, I was distinctly underwhelmed but having re-watched this for the first time in over 20 years, I appreciate this film a lot more. Even though Star Trek will always work better as a TV Series, this is actually a very good film and I'll explain why below.

Originally I wasn't too fussed on the film because I was an avid Trekkie who had loved 'The Undiscovered Country', had been a huge fan of the TNG series and remembered that Scotty said in Relics that "I'll bet Jim Kirk himself hauled the old gal outta mothballs" and thus the film had what I considered a major plot hole as a result of Kirk dying. Now that I'm considerably wiser and no longer a virgin/13 years old, this minor plot inconsistency really doesn't matter to me. ;-)

Whilst the special effects are a bit rushed/cheap in places (re- using 'The Undiscovered Country' and TV Series effects), it stands up fairly well for a 20+ year old film on a limited budget (particularly compared to the new films). Anyway, special effects can sometimes get in the way of a good script or even negatively affect a they did with 'Into Darkness'.

Generations has some stand out moments. I was quite touched by how lonely Picard and Kirk were despite the fact that they had extraordinary lives with excitement and variety that most of us could only dream about. And yet, Picard mourning the death of his family and the family he never had, really touched a way that it didn't 21 years ago. Behind that extremely intelligent and reserved character, was a real, nuanced human being with regrets, dreams and hopes that were never quite realised. When people say this is out of character for Picard, it's obvious that the events in TNG Episode 'The Inner Light' really touched him on a personal level and made him reconsider how important family was. Kirk too, seemed to have heartache in his life and how his decisions/Starfleet ruined any chance of a normal existence. It was sad and compelling to watch and something I never really noticed when I was 13.

In fact, the writing by Braga and Moore is very good in the Nexus part whilst the acting by Patrick Stewart and William Shatner made this even more believable/tangible.

Moreover, there are humorous elements to the film - Data and the tiny life forms speech made my girlfriend laugh out loud several times - in fact, we watched it 4 times! Thus, it's not all sad. :-) And to me, that's the mark of a good film.

Soran, played by Malcolm McDowell, hams it up but is a good character. It was also nice to see Chekov and Scotty one last time. Seeing Kirk, Chekov & Scotty on the bridge and how out of place they were was a nice touch and well-acted.

Obviously the rest of the cast probably weren't utilised as much as they should have been but that's only a small negative.

Try to watch this with an open mind and maybe you'll appreciate Generations a lot more than you did previously. I know I did. :-)

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 7 / 10

A Transitioinal Star Trek Film...From the Original to the Next

The "Star Trek" Franchise did Not have to Fuse the Original and the "Next Generation" On the Big Screen in the First Film from the New TV Series...but THEY DID!

So Fans of both Incarnations of the Never Ending Saga of Gene Roddenberry's Creation Waited to See, and the Nervous, Anxious, and Nerdy Fans were Ultimately Mixed....from Disappointment to outright Rage (hardly surprising).

Objectively and Viewed Outside the Trek "Bubble", it's Not a Bad Movie but Far from Great. There are Highlights that Entertain. Kirk and Picard's On Screen Meeting, Data's Emotion Chip, the Klingon Confrontation, and some Outstanding SFX.

The Film is Extremely Corny in Spots and as a Whole it doesn't Mesh very Well, but Overall it is Certainly Worth a Watch for Hardcore Fans (in fact a must see considering the series transition) and Casual Observers can have some Fun with the Iconic Display.

There would be Better "STNG" Films to come and there were Better "Star Trek" Movies before.

It could Never Capture the Old Crew without the Presence of Spock, Bones, and Sulu and given what was here to Work With, it can be Considered Worthy.

This was a Challenging Ploy that Didn't quite Come Together and could be Termed a "Misfire", and it is, but the Tricky Trek Transfer from One Generation to the Next is at Least Done with a Modicum of Honor and Respect.

Reviewed by InCole 6 / 10

Not the best, but also not the worst

In short Star Trek Generations is simply a big missed opportunity. Considering that just 3 years earlier Undiscovered Country came out and was hands down among the best Star Trek movies. This is a very weak follow-up of that film.

The opening of the film is quite OK but from there it just goes downhill. There is a lot of boring screen time filler scenes that simply do not serve a purpose and while the movie is redeemed by some really great scenes and some elements that make Star Trek so great. Sadly this is just a film with so much missed opportunity.

Considering they managed to bring together Kirk and Picard into one film you would expect so, so much more. Even if it was a film with just Picard it would have been quite mediocre.

It just lacks focus and direction in the script writing and in general it just feels like they really had to pull out all movie clich├ęs just to get the story to work.

It is watchable and it can be entertaining at times so I would still say to give it a watch especially if you are doing a Star Trek Bluray marathon (like I am doing) but just be prepared to experience a mediocre Star Trek film.

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