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Jason Isaacs as Esper
Lou Ferrigno as Zaminhon
Marina Sirtis as Computer
Michael Dorn as Computer Voice

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Reviewed by gman007-1 10 / 10

Breaks my heart watching each episode knowing there's only one season.

I simply could not believe that someone had finally gotten it right. I've waded thru a lot only to emerge after decades of wannabe shows and movies landing on this incredible extension of what was truly original. My deepest thanks.

Reviewed by XweAponX 10 / 10

What a 4th Season of Star Trek would have looked like

On Twitter, I kept seeing little "Vignettes" from the episodes they had already made. Especially, Michael Forest from "To Morn for Adonis" (that's a pun) reprising his role. Then a green Orion Slave Girl played by Fiona Vroom. Then, I see the crew of the Enterprise wearing full accouterments from "Mirror Mirror".

In those Vignettes, I saw the Bridge, the Hallways, the Transporter room, Sickbay all perfectly recreated. All original uniforms being worn, all original Tricorders, Phasers and Communicators (Thanks to the Wand company) being used.

So then, I look up this crew who was bringing the original Star Trek back to life! And I watched the first episode, "Pilgrim or Eternity". And a rudimentary Holodeck, equipped with a Holo of Star Trek Artist Doug Drexler in "Paladin" outfit shoving a Colt 45 into "Kirk" (Vic Mignogna's) nose, in a set that looked a LOT like "Spectre of the Gun".

So then I watched "Lolani", and along with Fiona Vroom, there was The Hulk (Lou Ferrigno) playing a HUGE Orion Slaver.

So, that was it, I was hooked. Of course, I thought Todd Haberkorn looked like an Odd Spock, but he did in fact talk and act like Spock. And they did change Dr McCoys after Lolani, I don't know why Larry Nemecek dropped out of that role. But then again, I saw Chris Doohan playing the role his father played, and he looks SO much like his father.

Marina Sirtis is the Ships Computer, like Luwaxana, like Daughter. I started seeing all kinds of familiar names from the cast and crew of Next Generation/DS9/Voyager/Enterprise in the credits.

And the Music was perfect, the LIGHTING was perfect, the SOUNDS were perfect, the Props were perfect (Close-ups of the Phaser props show a slight difference from TOS Phasers, but not much). And I have a Wand Company Communicator, and those were being used (Hint: THEY WORK!).

But my posterior was floored by the 3rd Episode "Fairest of them All", or, "What happened when Mirror Kirk, Scott, McCoy and Uhura returned to Mirror Enterprise?".

Eventually I ran out of Episodes to watch, I was amazed that there were FIVE of these episodes (at the time). I left off at "Divided we Stand", which was a great Omega-Glory type of episode, which included BORG Nanites! And we met a Security Chief, "Drake", who had a Mechanical Arm.

Not just Drake, but I met McKennah, Smith (who was holding Gary Mitchell's hand at the Barrier of the Galaxy), and these became as beloved to me as Kirk, Spock, Uhura, McCoy, Sulu, Chekov.

It did not matter to me that I was not seeing Leonard Nimoy, Bill Shatner, George "It's OK to be" Takei. The SPIRIT of the characters they created was there. The chemistry was there, and, the Ship was there.

For those of you who are just joining these voyages, watch the Featurette which shows the construction of the Engineering set. From a Huge, Empty Soundstage, to a perfect replica of the 1701's warp drive. The DILITHIUM Crystals even had that same shape (From "The Alternative factor").

I feel that McKennah, Smith, Drake, and the other characters and actors that had recurring crew roles, had been there all the time.

There are many things that hint toward things that would happen later in TNG and DS9.

I just finished the final episode today, and in one scene, we see, on an Admirals desk, models of The Pheonix, NX-01, Kelvin, Discovery, and the 1701 as it appeared in TMP. And even that scene was a nod to a scene from "Into Darkness", the ships on Admiral Marcus' desk.

I feel as close to the Actors and Crew who made this show as I do the whole franchise.

This SHOULD be "Official Trek", CBS should buy this show and release it as part of the franchise. In my mind, it already is.

Thank you, Vic, Todd, Thank you Kipleigh Brown for bringing "Smith" back, thank you Michele Specht for creating "McKennah", the original "Counselor Troi", not just the main characters but everyone who worked on this to make it a reality.

I feel that Fan Productions like this should not be hindered by CBS, this one was not, but others were. Nobody is stealing Klingon by wanting to learn it, nobody who wants to help recreate something that we've loved for over 50 years should be discouraged, not sued. CBS may own the show now, but it does not really belong to them, it belongs to US.

Reviewed by shrame 10 / 10

Looks and feels like the original

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect when I watched the first episode on YouTube but this really looks and feels like the original series. The sets, costumes, the story lines, even the effects are spot on. The acting, for some of the crew was a little wooden at first, but by the latest episode, the entire crew has evolved and improved significantly. It's really remarkable what these people have done with their passion and such a small budget, as opposed to some of the garbage that comes out of Hollywood these days. I would love to see this get mainstream exposure, a bigger budget, a release on Netflix or on an appropriate channel like the SciFi network or CometTV. In my opinion it's even better than the recent reboot films and I'm not lying when I say that there are times where I'll be watching this and I'll forget that it's not the real thing, especially the actor that plays Captain Kirk, he really has the mannerisms down to a science.

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