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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hellmant 7 / 10

For what it is, the film isn't bad.

'STANDOFF': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Low-budget action flick, about a standoff between a war veteran and an assassin, in the veteran's country home; over the safety of a young girl, who witnessed a vicious crime. The movie stars Thomas Jane, Laurence Fishburne and newcomer Ella Ballentine. It was written and directed by first time feature filmmaker Adam Alleca. For what it is, the film isn't bad.

Jane plays Carter Green; a military veteran that recently suffered a horrible tragedy. He's now a depressed alcoholic, that lives alone and contemplates suicide. Fishburne plays a hit-man named Sade; who's very good at his job, and extremely calculated. When a young girl, named Bird (Ballentine), witnesses Sade killing multiple people, the hit- man decides she must die. Bird runs to Carter's house for protection, and an intense standoff between the two men develops. Carter has nothing but a shotgun, and two rounds, to protect him and the girl.

The movie is pretty well done, for such a simple story. The characters are nicely developed, the performances are decent, and the directing is more than adequate (especially for such a low budget film). With all that said, there's still not a lot to the movie; and I don't think I'll probably remember much about it, years from now. Still, I had a good time while I was watching it.

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Reviewed by johnpreston-21780 9 / 10

Tense and well acted

Nine out of ten. Well it must be Academy Award material. Perhaps not, but so many movies rely on CGI or terribly ham performances that there doesn't seem to be any space for thoughtful movies any more.

I hate lengthy chase sequences, long gunfights, or scenes where one man walks into a heavily-guarded base, takes out all the baddies, lectures and kills the head guy and emerges unscathed.

This is different. Thomas Jane has the high ground. Laurence Fishburne is hunting quarry. Only the viewer knows Jane's precarious position. It isn't "perfect" but it is interesting. At what point do you give up? At what point do you consider only your own needs? This is an economical film that will not appeal to people who need popcorn to make a movie experience viable. At first, the red dress annoyed me, but as the movie developed, it became clear that it was carefully thought out.

There are flaws. This is undeniable. But it has assured performances, coupled with interesting ideals. Do you relate to the driven contractor, the alcoholic who has fallen from grace, or the lost individual who relies on compassion?

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

standoff stage play

Isabelle 'Bird' Morgan (Ella Ballentine) is visiting her parents' grave when a masked assassin comes out of the woods to stage a massacre. Bird is hidden and photographs the killer Sade (Laurence Fishburne) unmasked. He chases her into Carter Green (Thomas Jane)'s home. It's a standoff as Sade is unwilling to let Bird live. Carter is upstairs with a quail gun and only one shell. He is also haunted by his own tragic loss.

The setup is OK but I'm not sure about Sade being so nonchalant with his mask off. It makes little sense that he spends the time covering the grave. He should have been setting up a fire in the house when Carter makes that nice move with the film. There are things that could have ratcheted up the tension. Carter could have set his own fire as a warning signal. Instead of action, this becomes more of a back and forth stage play. The intensity never really takes off although it simmers at a good low boil.

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