St. Agatha



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 470


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Carolyn Hennesy as Mother Superior
Courtney Halverson as Catherine
Hannah Fierman as Sarah
Lindsay Seim as Doris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TwistedContent 4 / 10

Weak & Dull, with a Few Decent Moments

Darren Lynn Bousman has had some rough years as a director, yet his previous works, in my opinion, stand higher than this one.

"St. Agatha", as a horror, offers nothing new, original, amazing, extraordinary or even good. The writers responsible for the story and characters definitely do not deserve nor applause nor a subtle nod, maybe a little shaming. The story's fairly straight-forward, never builds up to anything unexpected, the suggested supernatural angle of the plot is not explored or explained much at all. The protagonist characters are traditionally dumb, the antagonist characters are sort of over-written, even annoying at some points. However, the acting did not bother me, given the variety of weakly written characters, the level of acting in "St. Agatha" is rather impressive.

Cinematography is decent, noticeably low-budget, but good enough to not annoy the eye of the viewer. There are a few decent, scattered scenes of violence & abuse - the short, more action-ey parts of the movie are at least average. All is accompanied by a soundtrack that's mostly noticeable only when the ominous, creepy choir voices join in. The pacing is pretty draggy, there's more lows than highs. If you don't have a strong principle of finishing whatever You've started watching, as I do, prepare for the risk of poor Agatha putting You to sleep.

"St. Agatha" is a painfully average, if not below, indie horror flick. Disappointing. My rating: 4/10.

Reviewed by RMS1949 3 / 10

Horrible script and direction

Giving it 3 stars only because the acting was okay.... But the script and directing of it was absolutely horrendous. It's one thing to give your screen characters the IQ's of a potato, but it's unforgivable to treat your audience as morons. Add to that a slow pacing only made even slower by numerous flashbacks. It might have been saved by at least a good finale confrontation between the main protagonist and antagonist, but even that was omitted. Instead we were given a ridiculous ,unrealistic and almost laughable act at the end.

Reviewed by rayproscia 8 / 10

Perfect game of cat and mouse

The very definition of psychological horror. The game of cat and mouse played by Sabrina Kerns and Carolyn Hennesy is nothing short of perfection. There is not a false note between them. These actresses deliver tour de force performances supported by a fine cast, especially Justin Miles as Jimmy. With the help of haunting music and lighting, Darren Lynn Bousman turns the most banal, the most innocent of images into the things of nightmares. He has a real gift of lulling his audience into a sense of security and then pulling the rug out. Over and over.

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