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Nadia Hilker as Louise
Nick Nevern as Thomas
Augie Duke as Jackie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ian Love 9 / 10

A superb little film any horror fan should give a shot.

Tired of the trending, by the number supernatural/zombie/hack-and-slash horror films? This is the refreshing little film you need. I watched the film having no idea what I was stepping into, and I think that's the way it should be watched. It covers a host of disparate film genres and blends them beautifully together ( I don't even want to mention which ones as that itself partly spoils the film in my mind). The film has gorgeous visuals, great direction, and some amazing shots of breathtaking locations in Italy. The films score is composed by electronic musician Jimmy Lavalle, and compliments the film perfectly with its lush and ethereal sounding synths - definitely worth listening to on its own too. With it's amalgamation of genres it's easy to see why the film didn't prove more popular, but give it a watch, and you'll be glad you're in the minority of those who did the same.

Reviewed by Mike Tomano 8 / 10

Dark, Modern Day Fairy Tale

Ultimately a traditional love story, wrapped in Lovecraft, Spring is a terrific film. Solid direction, top-notch acting, subtle exposition and a unique script make this a memorable experience that begs to be revisited. Nadia Hilker is amazing. At the film's climax, the premise is so "out there", that there is no other option but to allow the characters to accept it and dive right in. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 6 / 10

Quite original, if not fully engaging horror/romance

Personal issues make a young man decide to travel from his home in the USA to Italy to escape from his problems. When there he encounters an enigmatic beauty called Louise who has a very strange primordial secret.

What you cannot accuse Spring of is not trying to do something a bit different. This is a film which is definitely fairly original in approach. It sort of defies any clear genre definition and is instead an odd hybrid of horror and romance. Sort of like Before Sunrise (1995) with a side helping of body horror, if you can imagine such a thing. It's that age old story of boy meets girl, girl turns out to be a two thousand year old serpent-like being. Don't you just hate when that happens? Joking aside, the premise is certainly something different and it does stand apart from typical horror or romantic movies of late. That doesn't mean that it is an entirely successful film though, I didn't think the overall whole was up to the task of the admittedly original concepts contained within it. I reckon the two leads were partially responsible for this as there didn't seem to be a massive amount of genuine chemistry between them. Lou Taylor Pucci is a little on the whiny side and does tend to gravitate to playing quite annoying characters such as he also did in the Evil Dead remake. It does mean that he is not entirely easy getting fully on board with. Nadia Hilker was definitely better and quite alluring as the pivotal character Louise but, essentially, the chemistry was missing for me. Much better was the Italian scenery which was gorgeous, it reminded me of how few decent contemporary Italian horror movies we get nowadays compared to the golden years of the 60's to the 80's. So it was nice to see an interesting horror narrative play out against the peerless architecture and sun-kissed beauty of this country. The horror is fairly rationed here, with the relationship material very much taking centre stage but there is definitely some impressive moments. Most notably in the big reveal sequence where we see Louise writhing around in her apartment in her primordial form. I thought that the special effects were very good here and created some indelible imagery. In the final analysis, I would put this one down as genuinely worth the time, even if it does fall short on what it could have been. Certainly a film for those who want to see different angles from the horror genre though.

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