Split Second


Action / Crime / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Kim Cattrall as Michelle McLaine
Rutger Hauer as Harley Stone
Michael J. Pollard as The Rat Catcher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamesgandrew 6 / 10

quite flawed yet enjoyable b-movie

In the future of London 2008, the city has suffered the consequences of global warming and as a result flooded by endless rain. Harry Stone, an anxiety induced cop is back on a murder case after witnessing a grisly murder performed by the same killer that got his partner killed. They believe the murderer is a serial killer, although the nature of the deaths seems inhuman.

Split Second is a low budget British sci-fi action horror film that managed to gain a theatrical release. However, despite promising marketing, it ended up being a flop due to the bad timing of the LA riots.

It ended up being relatively successful on home video and has now become a cult favourite among genre fans, although it still remains relatively obscure.

Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), while not giving his best performance, is having fun with the part and delivers some cheesy yet funny lines. The supporting cast also consists of recognisable names including Alastair Duncan (Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor), Kim Cattrall (Sex in the City) and Pete Postlethwaite (In the Name of the Father).

The world the film tries to create is essentially a third-rate version of Blade Runner. While some of the sets look decent, it's the location shoots where you notice they're essentially filming in London without any futuristic details. I quite like the Blade Runner esque nature of the world though, it very well could serve as a prequel of sorts.

Split Second is a quite flawed yet enjoyable b-movie that I believe genre fans will enjoy.

Reviewed by russvet 6 / 10

Not an analytical masterpiece...but good fun.

This film is not for everyone and I completely understand those who will not like it because this is not an analytical film filled with easter eggs of messages pertaining to social importance, apart from maybe its apocalyptic theme. Rather it is kind of "fast food" cinema. However these are the kind of films that can be very fun to watch. It also holds some nostalgic content for me because I saw it as an impressionable teenager. At that time I was into action, sci-fi, horror and comedy films. This film attempts to blend them together and does a good enough job, especially if you are the kind of person who can just sit back with your popcorn and enjoy the movie, than you are capable of enjoying this film.

Yes it has a bunch of components which were prevalent in this type of genre at the time. One-liners, a buddy cop relationship, action and a bit of comedy, and of course BIG F***ING GUNS. I'm not embarrassed to say I enjoyed it. Rutger Hauer provides a good performance as the unstable yet admirable lead character who functions on "anxiety, coffee and chocolate". Yet another cliché as he is unwillingly partnered with Dick Durkin, from the moment you hear his name you know that he is there to provide some comedic relief as the pair track down "The Scorpio Killer" who Rutger's character Harley Stone seems to have a unique connection with. He and Durkin work together to bring down the killer who turns out to be much more than they imagined. The film has some memorable and stand out actors in the supporting cast such as Kim Cattrall, Pete Postlethwaite and Alun Armstrong. The latter providing one of my most favorite moments in the film when he snaps and exclaims "What do I do? Put out an APB on the devil? answers to the name of Lucifer?" The way he delivers it is quite priceless. The antagonist also provides a very real threat level and kept somewhat obscure as to the motives and patterns involved, until quite late in the film which helps to keep you engaged. All in all a quite predictable but enjoyable film.

Reviewed by Thy Davideth 7 / 10

And This Time: In The Future Water Is Rising. Ooooooooookay

The goodness Split Second offers is that it's well paced, the action is fun, it's a little bloody and gory, Rutger kicks ass as usual and the monster villain is actually creepy and cool looking. The let downs is the horrendous acting and the mentally retarded dialogue that came with it. Also I would of loved to see the monster in plain view more often but eh. Can't have it all I suppose. Oh and its production value is low just in case you cared. I don't.

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