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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Devin Bell 7 / 10

Rather Dull Lang

Fritz Lang is one of my favorite directors and ''Metropolis'' is my favorite film. I love ''Woman in the Moon'', ''M'', and ''The Testament of Dr. Mabuse''. ''Spies'', sadly, is incredibly average. Don't get me wrong, this film has great moments. The opening is thrilling. The train scene is suspenseful. And the last 10 minutes are really good. Everything in between is uninteresting and drawn out. I got bored a lot (this is coming from somebody who loves 2001: A Space Odyssey) and found myself looking at the time displeased. I usually despise when studios cut films (Metropolis), but Paramount was smart in cutting this from 130 minutes to 90 minutes. I got the pleasure of seeing an original Paramount copy at the Denver Silent Film Festival and found myself enjoying Spies much more. In conclusion, ''Spies'' has some standout sequences, but is a major step down from ''Metropolis''

Reviewed by Horst in Translation ([email protected]) 4 / 10

Not enough good moments for such a duration

"Spione" or "Spies" is another Fritz Lang silent film from over 85 years ago. It is of course as always with him still in black-and-white and runs for no less than 145 minutes. At least, this applies to the version I watched. Maybe yours is different as there are, as always with these old films, many different versions out there, most of them restored. The cast includes several fairly famous actors from other pretty well-known silent film classics, such as Rudolf Klein-Rogge. The novel here came from Lang's longtime companion Thea von Harbou and the 2 also came up with the script. But only Lang directed as always.

I must say I was a bit disappointed with this one. It has a couple good moments, but the material is not as good in quality to justify a quantity of almost 150 minutes. I like good spy movies, especially tense ones, but I cannot say this is one of them. Maybe it would have been at 100 minutes max. In any case, it would have been a lot better than this one here. I have seen several films of Lang and while I would not say it is his worst, it is also nowhere near his best. There are several sequences that drag a lot. As a result of all this, I cannot recommend the watch. Disappointing experience. Thumbs down.

Reviewed by Giallo Fanatic 10 / 10

Ultimate spy movie.

In my opinion. It is one of the most influential movies ever made. A lot of the elements in this movie are used a lot in the James Bond movies. Handsome hero with a number as codename, beautiful heroine who originally had to manipulate the hero but ultimately falls in love. She was Russian by the way. Which Ian Fleming used a lot in his novels and which can be seen in the James Bond movies today. Even the villain in 'Spione' are copied in a lot of spy and action movies, a mastermind who has an eye for everything, always two steps ahead of his enemies. Indeed, those important elements are used in a lot of movies today. So much that it is almost ordinary but there really is no denying how important they are and how this movies has influenced many, many movies.

Now, the story and plot reminds a lot of 'Casino Royale' so I am tempted to say Ian Fleming has seen the movie and taken the story and plot to write his "ultimate spy novel" (Great book, the movie barely does justice to the novel although it is a good movie). The movie's themes are moral and humanity. The moral is explored through the characters and the fight between good and evil. The movie was thorough with it and it is not hard to understand since many movies copy it. The humanity theme is explored by making the villains more humane and has as much screen time as the heroes. Usually the bad guys are portrayed as those inhuman monsters but here the main villain Haghi is very humane although cold and calculating, that made him scary. Which in turn gave him a very strong screen presence.

The genre of the movie is thriller. That is what spy movies should be, thrillers. Not action movies full of Rambos. The movie is full of mystery and intrigue as well as suspense and tension. Which modern spy movies usually lack. Spy movies should be character and plot driven because that's where it is most exciting in my opinion, not fueled by car chases and explosions. It comes from a guy who prefers visuals rather than plot, story and characters. Because that is what makes this movie so grand and that is what makes 'Casino Rayale' so great, that is what makes them stand the test of time. Fritz Lang as usual was awe inspiring in his direction, unusually for its time (even unusual today) he spent as much time on his villain as much as he did on his hero. Alfred Hitchcock did that too and Dario Argento. I am not sure of how much influence Lang had on Hitchcock, but I know how much influence he had on Argento. Argento, like Lang spent a lot of time on his villains and being more of a visual storyteller. Argento's movies even have German Expressionism feel in their acting. Dario Argento has named Fritz Lang as one of his influences.

Now it is a highly influential movie and one of the most important movies ever made so it should not be missed for movie enthusiasts. I would like to give the movie 12/10 but the limit is 10/10, I can't point out enough how strong and influential this movie is, because it really is the granddaddy of all spy movies. Awesome movie that only a few movies have matched.

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