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Keanu Reeves as Jack Traven
Sandra Bullock as Annie
Jeff Daniels as Harry
Dennis Hopper as Howard Payne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by awp-25938 5 / 10

You Like Action?

Speed is a fast paced, action packed movie that focuses all its attention on action and little to a logical story and dialogue sequence. There was little time for me to take a break from the high-tension action scenes because there could be (and was) another explosion or crash around every corner. Jack even made driving interesting as he launched his Crown Victoria into the air right at the beginning of the movie. Even though this was an original twist on an action film, the next scene was always predictable. Will the passengers survive? Will they make the jump? Will they blow up? These were easy questions to answer. The only unanswered questions I had were "Why don't they just..." questions such as "Why don't they just give him the damn money?" The dialogue was also a major downside to this film. From the first time every character talked, you could tell how they were going to act for the rest of the movie. Jack was going to be the heroic and smart lead, the bus driver was going to be too kind for his own good, Howard was going to be the evil psychopath, Annie was going to be the strong and assertive woman, and so on. Speed was also full of cheesy one-liners and flirting between the two main protagonists and didn't require much thought. However, that could be why this movie was so successful and can always be found while scrolling through channels. If you are coming home from a hard day's work and want to unwind, this may be the movie for you. Despite all the criticism, the high budget lead to some very realistic and believable special effects, good sets, and good camera work, even for today's standards. And it didn't have much of the textbook corny acting as seen in other action films around that time. Overall, if you haven't seen this it can be an interesting watch, but don't expect much from this 90's action film.

Reviewed by EBJ 7 / 10


‚Äč'SPEED' 1994

Directed by Jan De Bont{Directorial Debut}

Starring Keanu Reeves{Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure; Point Break}, Sandra Bullock{Demolition Man; Love Potion No 9} and Dennis Hopper{Apocalypse Now; Rebel Without a Cause}

Plot Overview: As revenge for foiling his master plan scheme, a demolitions expert/terrorist plants a bomb on a commercial bus which will detonate, if the bus goes below 50 miles per hour!

'Speed' is a movie that is held very dear to many action fan's hearts for many years. I've been dodging watching it for a while but I've finally cracked and gave into my curiosity. And my opinion of the movie? I liked it. It was a fun action movie with an EXCELLENT premise and cool ideas. As a full package, I can definitely recommend it.

So what can I say are the film's main strengths? The overall tone and atmosphere is probably its' greatest strength. Considering the situation, the tone is pretty light-hearted but all the characters take it seriously. I guess that's what I loved about it. The juxtaposition of the tone of dialogue compared to the tone of the characters. It makes the movie undeniably fun to see Keanu Reeves perform with such sincerity and seriousness when in reality, it's just a dumb action flick. That leads onto another praise I can give: the passengers aboard the bus. I loved pretty much every main side character who was on this bus, with the exception of our two leads.

Another major praise I can give the movie Dennis Hopper's villain. Howard Payne is a good movie villain. He's smart, he's pretty funny, he's conniving and he is remorseless. Alone these qualities may seem random, but when combined they make a truly interesting villain. Top that with Dennis Hopper's excellent performance and you have a pretty darn good antagonist.

I also absolutely love the score for this movie. This falls into the category of minor praise but it really deserves to get a full paragraph for it. Mark Mancina's EXCELLENT score for this movie is ridiculously fun and inventive and entertaining. It is arguably one of the better action movie themes of the 90s. It's just such an adernaline fuelled score that fits perfectly with the overall tone of the movie.

But what issues do I have? Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are two on the most dull actors on this planet. Don't get me wrong: Reeves is an EXCELLENT action star and I truly admire his commitment to the role. But I've seen school plays with more realistic and emotional performances. He's awful in pretty much every movie he is in. And then there is Sandra Bullock. To be fair, Bullock isn't an awful actress. But her performance in this movie is so unconvincing and so dry that I thought that Reeves had infected her with his disease. Combine the mediocre acting with a forced and botched love story and very underdeveloped characters, and you have a pair of leads that are an actual chore to sit through.

My other main issue is the final act. It's just so over the top. And I usually wouldn't mind that but I don't think this drastic change in pace suited the overall movie. It was an action movie but it was a more of a slow burn action movie. This final act was just really dumb and didn't fit in tone with the movie. I was thoroughly disappointed with this movie's conclusion; it was such a mess.

Overall, I did like 'Speed' though. It's certainly a fun and entertaining action movie, but the last act and two lead characters make it a chore to sit through, towards the end. Despite this grievances, I do recommend you watch 'Speed'. The action is mostly alright and the tone is pretty much perfect; it's a very enjoyable movie. I'll rate 'Speed' 7 'CANS' out of 10!

Reviewed by stormhawk2018 10 / 10

One of the best 90's action films

A movie from start to finish, full of unbridled action, explosive and crazy, with a few comic touches, but all with order.

And it is that this film are the ones that you get to see them and if you have to see it again does not matter. The film begins and the action and tension can be felt at first, and one can imagine what awaits him, but as the minutes progress, the film becomes more and more interesting, and it fills up scene after scene of emotion and action, and leaving no room for boredom and laziness.

As usual, many movies of this type, have a fast, hurried and meaningless end, but in the case of this movie, it has nothing to do with it, but rather the opposite and where it leaves one with desire that the film does not end there and follow.

Finally to point out that an action movie, you have to know how to act and know how to put faces, and in this both Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock do it like nobody else, getting the viewer to the feelings and emotions and involving them in every situation of danger.

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