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Michelle Williams as Young Sil
Ben Kingsley as Xavier Fitch
Forest Whitaker as Dan Smithson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Metra Ton 3 / 10

A pathetic clone of better movies.

Does this movie have anything unique about it? Let's see how similar it is to The Thing:

1. Alien a pure mixture of Xenomorph(looks like Giger isn't that inventive after all) and tentacles from The Thing.

2. Alien disguises as a human.

3. The trick is in the DNA.

4. You get a doofus team of "experts"

5. Alien's goal is to reproduce

However, if Alien(the movie) was original, dreadful and with a lot of acting, Species is a, quoting the movie, "wild (monster) goose chase". And, unlike the real horror of the Thing, with endless thrill and plot twists, this movie doesn't even try to be predictable.

The whole movie revolves around just look at... nothing really. With a few cheap jumpscares. And a finale that... well, really, fits more for a 2010+ Sci-Fi movie than for a pre-2000. Really, the stupidity is palpable, it's in the air, in every shot. Practically every action is entirely nonsense. Let's put that into the perspective: the person, who has been tracking the alien - suddenly gets left behind, while the "big guy" goes in. Surprise, the next minute the tracker finds the alien. Of course, he doesn't shoot, why would he? This causes the third person to slip and fall, and spend the next few minutes crying to help, saying she's stuck. After that - she will get out by herself and... well, not contribute to the final scene NOT EVEN ONE BIT!

Michael Madson playing himself mostly, Ben Kingsley... well, really, I couldn't imagine a terrible performance from Ben, but he doesn't deserve a point here. He was totally wasted, his whole point was - to NOT CHANGE A FACE, not even once, in the entire movie. That was literally everything he did, besides embarrassing himself in the plot for... no real reason.

But, there is something in this movie that deserves 3/10. The proof that this a pre-2000 Sci-Fi movie. It has ti.... Nudity. Plenty of it. Now where was that in Ghost in the Shell...

Reviewed by hellholehorror 10 / 10

Ultimate bloke film

This is the ultimate bloke film bar none. Well except maybe Predator (1987). I love the way that this is full of topless women, violence and aliens. Absolutely perfect. Here, take a handy hint: fill your belly with beer and then almost pass-out from the awe that is generated from every second of this killer alien-human-hybrid movie. I never get tired of watching Natasha Henstridge as an alien. Never ever.

Reviewed by gwnightscream 6 / 10

"You Created A Monster, Now You Want Us To Kill It!"

Ben Kingsley, Natasha Henstridge, Michael Madsen, Marg Helgenberger Alfred Molina and Forest Whitaker star in this 1995 sci-fi film. Kingsley (Gandhi) plays scientist, Xavier Fitch who creates a deadly, alien-human hybrid, Sil (Michelle Williams). Soon, she escapes and he recruits a team of experts, Laura Baker (Helgenberger), a molecular biologist, Stephen Arden (Molina), an anthropologist, Dan Smithson (Whitaker), an empath and Preston Lennox (Madsen), a mercenary to hunt her before she tries to reproduce. Henstridge plays the adult Sil and this is her debut film. This is a good sci-fi flick featuring a great cast, neat effects and great score by Christopher young as usual. I recommend this.

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