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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by qmtv 5 / 10

Convoluted story, unravels towards the end. Decent film.

Convoluted story, unravels towards the end. Decent film.

Good cinematography, good music, decent acting, good locations and scenes. The story is convoluted, and the dialogue does not make sense most of the time. The story unravels towards the end and it unfolds to a satisfying end.

Highlights: When the guy is run over by the main character. And when the guy is picked up by a woman and she asks to if he wants to go to a "Motel".

Slow moving film, but it works. Rating is a C, 5 stars. Recommended for giallo fans.

Reviewed by Nigel P 5 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

A lurid title, day for night filming, a young couple indulging in some tepid sex venture, the discovery of what appears to be a corpse; all of this leads into some instantly lovely title music and leaves us under no illusions – this is giallo territory! Brusque, humourless, hunk-cake poser Christian (Robert Hoffman) and his girlfriend discover an unconscious girl, Barbara (Suzy Kendall) on the beach and before long, she and rakish Christian have fallen in love. Soon, an intruder interrupts their courtship – before accidentally getting killed with his own gun. His corpse however, disappears … It's madness, I tell you. And yet it moves briskly, has a typically addictive soundtrack (usual suspect Ennio Morricone, not quite firing on all cylinders but as always, providing an elegant score) and contains more intrigue than you could shake a stick at. 'Spasmo' is a lot less ludicrous than the trailer (an urgently choreographed selection of scenes with an actor yelling the title over and over in an increasingly feverish manner), but also a lot less fun. Tell-tale bloodstains, espionage, the main man's miraculously self-cleaning clothes, corpse-like mannequins strewn about the place – all these things would add layers of intrigue if only the plot was more comprehensible. Someone seems to be out to drive Noel Edmonds-lite Christian mad and goes to extraordinary lengths to do so. He doesn't make it difficult, driven as he is by his libido making him an easy target. Simply engage him with a woman almost as beautiful as he is, and away we go.

Eccentric in its story-telling to the point of delirium, it's impossible not to at least partially enjoy this mad-fest. Not the greatest giallo, it nevertheless takes a while to leave you.

Reviewed by GL84 7 / 10

Somewhat troubling but still watchable Giallo

Finding a woman on the beach, a man soon finds himself in a strange and bizarre series of encounters that convinces him he's going insane and digs deeper into the overall series of events in order to find the true culprit at the center of his torment and stop their game.

Overall, this one was quite an enjoyable if flawed Giallo. One of the more engaging aspects of this one is the fact that it works in quite a fun and wholly entertaining central mystery that makes for an appropriately thrilling mystery. There's a lot to say here with the way it starts off finding her on the beach and leading to the general craziness of the encounter in the bathroom before being whisked away and into the rather strange set-up which all comes off with a great deal of rather fun Giallo fervor as the situation makes for a fine outcome. The fact that it soon involves them getting deeper and deeper into the conspiracy involving the mysterious friend and the insistence that the initial murder took place despite all the people telling him that he's going insane after no such incident took place. With the assassin trailing them into the lighthouse and begins toying with them who begin trying to convince each other that something isn't happening even though there's plenty of evidence to suggest someone is after them stalking around the villa, there's plenty of suspenseful moments during the night and leading into the discovery of their true relationships, this is quite nicely handled here. That gives the film a large amount of genuine atmosphere during the lead-up to the finale as the encounter at the villa where they run into the still-alive assassin and the later scenes in the rock quarry which sets the double-cross in motion and the final encounter at the house which gives this one an incredibly strong and somewhat shocking finish which is right in line with the remaining parts of the film. While these make this one enjoyable, there's still a few flaws here. The biggest issue is that regardless of how much fun it is to unravel the main mystery there's little about it that really makes you care about what's happening. The way this one goes about trying to make the whole film about their strange sibling rivalry and setting the whole plot in motion is simply not in the slightest bit rewarding or even fun, and there's little about it that makes sense at all either. It really shows no sense of logic as for why this particular plan had to be set into motion for these events to play out as this one tries to make it seem, and there are so many internal gaps of logic that are featured here which really does drag this one down with such a wholly incoherent and illogical storyline no matter how much fun it is to play out. This even leads to the films' supposed inclusion of the murdered dolls around the woods that are continually showcased here which are so bizarre and clueless that it's completely unknown why this one carries out the way it does and really just leaves the whole thing a giant mystery. These here are what really hold this one back.

Rated R: Language, Violence and Brief Nudity on mannequin figures.

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