Soul Surfer


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 46%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
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AnnaSophia Robb as Bethany Hamilton
Jeremy Sumpter as Byron Blanchard
Dennis Quaid as Tom Hamilton
Helen Hunt as Cheri Hamilton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Davis P 6 / 10

Great message, inspiring story.... kinda mediocre movie

Soul Surfer is of course based upon a true story about a surfer girl who gets involved in a horrific shark attack that claims one of her arms. Really the movie centers around how this newly handicapped girl keeps on going and how she learns to still compete in surfing while missing a limb. The actors did a good job... for the most part. I liked AnnaSophia Robb, she played the lead role of Bethany well. I felt that her performance was very deep and powerful. I also like Helen Hunt in her role, she truthfully did play the mother very well, she also had good parent child on screen chemistry with Robb. Quaid is good, like always. But I wanna talk about what I can only see as one of the worst performances I've ever seen delivered. And that performance was by country singer Carrie Underwood. Underwood is a fantastic singer and that's where her entertainment career must stop because the acting is so bad. Like that was some of the fakest acting I've ever seen. I think underwood really did try but ultimately it failed. The writing is alright, everything is pretty formulaic Hollywood. Soul surfer gets a 6/10, an OK pick, could've been a lot better though.

Reviewed by Syl 7 / 10

She Came to Surf Not To Win!

The story of Bethany Hamilton is quite inspiring. She was born to surfers in Hawaii and surfing is in her blood. When we watch the movie, we see how surfing is a big part of her life. Her parents are played by Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt. They are terrific in their roles as her parents. Craig T. Nelson has a small role as the doctor. Kevin Sorbo has a supporting role. The actress who played Bethany Hamilton did a terrific job in the role. The scenery is just magnificent and beautiful of course in Hawaii. I was surprised to learn that Bethany has been home-schooled on the islands. Her family belongs to the Fellowship Church on the island. Carrie Underwood played Sarah Hill, a minister. Bethany and her best friend Alana miss a missionary trip to Mexico. Sadly, Bethany's arm was bit off by a shark bite. She survived luckily but she had to rebuild and learn to live her life on her own terms. The film is inspiring to anybody who has overcome such hardship. The final moments of the film has actual footage of the real Bethany and her family.

Reviewed by Talia_the_StoryMaker 8 / 10

Powerful and well-done faith-inspired movie

I watched this movie when it came out in theaters, but over the years I've grown less accepting of flaws in faith-based films (though I am a Christian), so I expected that on my recent re-watch that it might not be as appealing as it originally was. I was very pleasantly surprised! I won't say this isn't a pretty straightforward inspirational film and there are definitely clich├ęd aspects, but if you can accept that, you will hopefully find what I found: a very good movie. I think the thing I love best about it was the portrayal of Bethany's character and her character arc. It is not only a film about overcoming adversity, but character growth. Bethany's incredible unflappability is admirable and powerful, and it refuses to accept that she can't do what she feels she was born to do. And yet, while this is powerful, it almost borders on being in denial, and once this "breaks", Bethany is lost. It is by truly embracing her faith, not for a superficial form of comfort but for its teachings of casting off selfishness and caring about the world around oneself, that she finds purpose again. I love this portrayal of the tension and ultimate reconciliation between the need for self-actualization and unselfish, others-focused love. It's simple yet so profound and necessary. Ultimately, this is what we all need as human beings - we have a need to become and fulfill "who we are", yet it is most important to show love to others. This movie shows how both are possible, and the beauty that results from this. Its Christian message is incredibly powerful, but without being preachy or dogmatic.

On top of this, the movie also has excellent cinematography, production values, and special effects, and the surfing scenes are a total treat. I also personally appreciate that the shark bite wasn't drawn out or gory. It was very tasteful, and still incredibly dramatic without feeling like it was trying too hard.

Overall, I would highly recommend this movie, especially to Christians. I'm sure it wouldn't be to everyone's tastes, but unless you're positive you're not in its target audience, it's definitely worth a try.

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