Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 2287


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Deborah Ann Woll as Gillian Sveck
Aubrey Plaza as Jeanine Breemer
Lucy Liu as Rowena
Marcia Gay Harden as Marjorie Dunfour
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jack-Knife 9 / 10

Wonderfully, deep and feeling!

This movie was one of those that managed to get really really close to me, and sometimes it even touched me deep. But that may be just all because I feel personally so connected I can relate nearly identical to the main actor's character thoughts, doubts, emotions and soul, except for the two facts I am twice as old and, unlike him, know what love feels like. Damn, the are so many scenes, dialoge I would myself already have put into a book which I never wrote because im so lazy and forgetful - to watch the movie made me feel so good, and happy to see there are now and then some inspired and talented filmmakers and actors out there who can shine. Love this flick. 9 out of 10 my rating *********

Reviewed by cain_zaria 8 / 10

I'm a sucker for movies that start with a character about to jump off a rooftop

So i read the book. By the time i gotten to chapter nine (He finally starts talking about what happened in the American Classroom) I realized, "He's like the male version of me." All that hating people, suicidal thoughts, depression, and psychopathy was all right there in this book about a guy who understood the world and hated what he found.

BY the time i got to the end i thought, "Why the hell did i read this?" It's frustrating and scary because it makes you question EVERYTHING and soon you just can't trust anymore. It ruined me for a while there.

But then I read it again and I'm like, "I can do better than this. So what if I'm miserable? If I'm going to be miserable then it's going to be on MY terms." Of course this makes no sense at all but at the time i was inspired and realized, "James was right. I'm just a teenager. What do i really know?"

Basically you're going to be pulling your hair and thinking a lot but in the end it just might make you better.

Reviewed by davidgreen9787 10 / 10

Review of Someday this Pain Will Be Useful To You

This film was fantastic. I have almost nothing in common with the main character, but I somehow managed to connect with him in multiple ways. He embodies the tortured teen spirit that comes inevitably with an unstable home environment, and his confusion is expertly depicted through the film's witty dialogue and realistic nature. I also thoroughly enjoyed Aubrey Plaza's character; she was charming as usual and played the part very well. The cast was very well chosen and had great chemistry - each individual actor is clearly talented but when put together they are a force. I have only good things to say about this movie!

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