Some Kind of Hate


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 21%
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Grace Phipps as Kaitlin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stevieboy666 5 / 10

A bloody tale of bullying & revenge

Lincoln, a bullied rock kid, is sent out to a reform school out in the desert after sticking a fork in the face of one of his tormentors. Unfortunately the bullying starts all over again, however the spirit of a bullied dead girl called Moira just happens to be on hand to carry out bloody revenge on his new tormentors, often by razor blade. Quite an interesting idea. Can't help but feel sorry for this guy, though he does find comfort in the arms of a beautiful girl. Some fairly good gore to be seen, acting and production values both reasonable. Look out for a short mid-credits scene. Pretty average overall.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Greyed-out mumblegore

SOME KIND OF HATE is another grim and grimy B-movie horror flick with a generic feel. I do get tired of these greyed-out lifeless productions with underachieving actors who barely do any kind of acting at all. This one tells an age-old story of classroom bullying, which leads the oppressed victim to summon up the long-dead spirit of a girl who proceeds to wreak gory mayhem on the bullies responsible. The tale is heavy on the gore and light on everything else; singularly unsatisfying, with the only feeling evoked depression.

Reviewed by Robosharp 4 / 10

Some Kind of Silly, really

I kinda just had to write a review on this film after viewing it, mainly because I found certain elements to it, to be some what ridiculous.

The story begins with Lincoln, a teenager/young man who is subjected to what can only be described as physical assault type bulling by a bully whilst at high school. During the assault, Lincoln fights back by stabbing the bully in the cheek with a blade. This is the only occurrence we see of his high school bulling, so we don't get a feel of anything leading up to this event. I would also like to point out that Lincoln is a very tall and handsome guy, not somebody you would expect to be a victim of bulling.

Anyway due to the injury Lincoln caused to the bully he is sent to this holiday camp\reform school where apparently the hottest chicks on the planet reside. I mean if this is where you get sent when involved in a violent assault, no wonder America has such high crime rates! The bad part to the camp for Lincoln is that it also hosts some guys, some of whom take an instant unjustified disliking to him, and immediately unleash some more physical bulling on him. Again this bulling does not make sense, there is no build up to it, no period of feuding or resentment - just hello, we don't like you, Bang! Smack! Wallop!

Lincoln has a few encounters with these bullies, but I never really feel sorry for him. Mainly because he is handsome, has a fairly bad attitude and very quickly obtains the hottest of the hot chicks as his girlfriend - trust me you would take a few blows to be with her. Again this is not the typical exploits of a victim of bulling.

After his most violent encounter with the bullies, Lincoln finds a quiet spot to himself in a shed where he voices his anger towards the bullies and what he would like to do to them. This accidentally summons the spirit of a girl called Moira, who was bullied to death by some of the occupants of the camp a couple of years back. Moira tells Lincoln that she will rid of his tormentors to gain some vengeance for her own demise. Against Lincoln's wishes, that is exactly what she does. Oh yeah and guess what, Moira is also a hot chick (though admittedly still bears her death injuries whilst in spirit form).

So that basically some's up the rest of the plot to the film, however once Moira kills Lincoln's bullies (Moira kills by inflicting injuries on herself which subsequently inflicts them on her victims), she then just goes on a rampage and kills anybody she encounters - Which also feels a bit silly as her original 'back from the dead' cause was all about avenging bullies but quickly descends into psychopathic-spree-killer-spirit.

In the mean time Lincoln and his hot girlfriend Kaitlin of course try to stop Moira, though Kaitlin does at one point form a bizarre alliance with Moira where she voluntarily gets the malevolent spirit to injure her??

Speaking of Kaitlin, a pretty girl, with a seemingly nice nature - Reveals to Lincoln that she had previously bullied an x friend to the point of suicide, which is why she ended up in reform. Erm, she really does't come across as somebody that would do that. -silly-

Another gripe of mine is how everybody reacts when approached by the ghost of Moira. These people knew her and know she is dead, and don't appear to be at all shocked when the blood drenched murderous entity walks up to them. Rather than fainting or running for the hills they just engage in conversation with her - SILLY!-

Moira by the way is not particularly scary, she is more just an adolescent vengeful brat.

The ending to the film could disappoint, but may also satisfy as is fairly unexpected.

This it is not a terrible film - it has positives, there is some slick direction at times, good lighting and camera work, great effects for the gore, mostly decent performances. Sadly this is over ruled by the silliness and at times laughable script. The fact that many of the reviews on this site have not also commented on the silly aspects to the film, well that gives me...hmmmm, well, well some kind of hate!

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