Some Guy Who Kills People


Comedy / Crime / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Lucy Davis as Stephanie
Barry Bostwick as Sheriff Walt Fuller
Ahmed Best as Mayor Mawell
Kevin Corrigan as Ken Boyd
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by punishmentpark 5 / 10

Some flick that killed time...

Thriller, comedy, drama, it's all there. A little horror (gore) as well, but I'm not sure what the makers exactly had intended. The total mix isn't very impressive, unfortunately. The cast, with Kevin 'Grounded for life' Corrigan, Barry 'Spin city' Bostwick, Karen '!' Black, Ariel (don't know her, at times she was almost annoying) Gade, Leo 'Kids' Fitzpatrick and Lucy 'The Office UK' Davis, is quite good, but couldn't turn things around. Maybe even, they're the reason I'm lenient here.

A big problem is the rather lame developing of the plot (drama, yes, but not in a good way). For a minute there, I thought that Ken Boyd was the actual culprit, which had me rooting for a terrific finale. But it was idle hope. Another option was the chamomile tea freak played by Regan 'Oblivious' Burns, but that also turned out to be wishful thinking.

Too much drama without substance, too little fun, not enough horror and / or thriller. Just barely doable.

5 out of 10.

Reviewed by Melissa_Antoinette_Garza 10 / 10

A New Concept - A Horror Feel Good Movie (Review)

Recently, I started watching Grounded for Life on Netflix. I loved the show when it first aired because of one reason: Kevin Corrigan's portrayal of Eddie. Eddie is one of the sexiest characters of all time. He was the brother of the main character but he stole the show. Eddie was a small-time crook, who turned on every woman he came into contact with. Corrigan has such a unique look and presence about him. He's like sex and rock & roll vamped up in a class act that could have chemistry aside an empty room.

So, as I was happily reminded of how great and underrated Grounded For Life was, I decided to peruse Amazon for any other movies with Corrigan in it. I found this film for purchase and bought it instantly. The trailer definitely showed promise. Produced by iconic filmmaker John Landis and co-starring Rocky Horror Picture Show star Barry Bostwick and screen legend Karen Black, I was certain that at the very least it had an amazingly talented bunch behind it.

The movie is perfect. I've watched it twice already. It's actually one of the best films I've seen in years. After watching a horror movie, people are usually excited or entertained but rarely do they walk away with those rare feel-good emotions.

Corrigan stars as Ken, a broken man in his thirties who was recently released from a mental institution. When in high-school he was bullied and tortured by classmates. When a girl he got pregnant and proposed to broke up with him, it pushed him over the edge and he slit his wrists.

When released, he lives with his insulting and demeaning mother (Karen Black) and works at an ice cream shop with his friend Irv (Leo Fitzpatrick). One day, his horrible boss makes him dress like an ice cream cone and go to a birthday party of one of the bullies he endured in high-school. At the party, he meets Stephanie (Lucy Davis) a beautiful blonde with a sense of humor who is immediately smitten with Ken.

If anyone else starred in this film, the attraction would be difficult to understand. With Corrigan, it's completely understandable. He's a sexy guy who can play weird and still undeniably attractive. Ken's awkwardness and refusal to look one in the eye while speaking makes the character all that more interesting. Even more, he doesn't know he's sexy. He believes himself to be a nobody. He's an amazing artist but refuses to share his work. He's insecure and quiet but has a sense of humor and a personality that shines through.

Meanwhile, all of the bullies that terrorized Ken are murdered one-by-one. The Sheriff (Barry Bostwick) isn't the smartest officer but isn't too goofy. There are definitely comedic moments but Bostwick sells them and even sells the Sheriff's ineptitude.

Shortly After Ken meets Stephanie, he meets his daughter as well. When 11 year old Amy (Ariel Gade) finds out that her mother has been lying to her and that her father is close by, she runs to meet him. After meeting him, she decides she wants to stay there and convinces her mother to let her stay a week.

Amy loves her father unconditionally and slowly Ken becomes accustomed to having her there as well. It's even Amy who encourages Ken to seek a relationship with Stephanie. The father/daughter dynamic in this is extremely well-done as well. There are certain aspects of Ken's personality that is mirrored in Amy's which makes their bond a very special one.

The entire movie is wonderful. The cast is great, the film goes by quickly and even though true horror fans will see the conclusion coming in a mile, it's done in a heartfelt and very sweet way.

I can't recommend this film enough. It's a mishmash of my favorite genres that rarely get combined. It reminds me of Pscyho (1960) in the sense that the viewers are going to be very protective over Ken the way they were with Anthony Perkins' amazing performance as Norman Bates.

I was able to buy the film for $4.99 (streaming from Amazon) and it's worth a helluva lot more. There isn't a single reason, not to buy this movie.

Scared Stiff Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by bowmanblue 8 / 10

Average title - great film

If you can ignore the slightly cheesy title, you'll find this is actually one of those rare hidden gems of films. It crosses many genres. It can go from grisly serial-killer flick to touching family drama in a matter of scenes, plus it throws in a good few black comedy moments (mainly courtesy of the Sheriff's dry humour).

It's about a man who's recently been released from state psychiatric care (or simply 'the loonie bin' as he keeps referring to it). He lives with his mother and gets a low-key job in an ice cream parlour. However, when he's not serving up cherries on sundaes, he's gruesomely hacking to bits a pack of high school bullies who he blames for putting him into care.

He seems quite content with this until one day, by accident, he literally bumps into his long lost daughter who, in turn, seems to take HIM under her wing and invoke a daddy-daughter reunion. Not only is the film both violent and touching, but it also manages to do something that few films can, i.e. have a child actor that you actually like. His daughter is both brash and yet endearing and the young actress is certainly going to be one to watch in the future.

If your sense of humour leans towards the 'black side' you should enjoy watching the various relationships rise and fall. If you can stomach a small amount of gore and blood you will be rewarded with a funny and touching experience.

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