Solomon Kane


Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 66%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 64598


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Philip Winchester as Henry Telford
Rachel Hurd-Wood as Meredith Crowthorn
Max von Sydow as Josiah Kane
James Purefoy as Solomon Kane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DBLurker 9 / 10

Why have I not heard of this movie before?

It's almost like, Hollywood intentionally buries certain films through lackluster advertising.

Maybe I missed the advertising. But it still doesn't explain how majority of people never mention this movie when discussing movies like LOTR or movies set in medieval times.

This movie is not only well acted, but the action, set design and the plot is really well done. The only problem I had was with the CGI. Then again, for a 2009 flick with a budget of just $40 million, CGI is passable.

An entertaining movie, ignored by so called "critics" and pretty much forgotten by audience. A real shame.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

mid-level fantasy adventure

It's 1600. Solomon Kane (James Purefoy) leads a British privateer ship into battle in North Africa. His men are massacred by demons and he comes face to face with the Devil's Reaper. He escapes back to England. After giving away his wealth to an abbey, the monks send him away to his ultimate destiny. He heads for home despite his conflict with his father and the death of his older brother. He joins the Crowthorns (Rachel Hurd-Wood, Pete Postlethwaite, Alice Krige), a Puritan family traveling to the new world. He had renounced violence until the attack of the evil sorcerer Malachi's men.

The story is a dark mix of fantasy and history. Purefoy keeps it compelling. I like Postlethwaite and the movie gets a bit muddled without him. It would have been nice to keep him and Krige with Purefoy as they go rescue their daughter. This is a fine example of a mid-level budget adventure but it's not superior. The good is that there is nothing obviously bad here.

Reviewed by Wuchak 4 / 10

Conan as a Puritan in early 1600's England

RELEASED IN 2009 and written/directed by Michael J. Bassett, "Solomon Kane" is Bassett's version of Robert E. Howard's character (Howard was a pulp writer and the creator of Conan and Kull). Kane is a dour English Puritan with cold features shadowed by a slouch hat. Garbed in black, his weaponry consists of a rapier, a dagger and flintlock pistols; his wandering mission is simple: vanquish evil. James Purefoy plays the titular hero and Rachel Hurd-Wood the maiden he must rescue. Max von Sydow appears as his father. Alice Krige is also on hand.

I'm a fan of Howard (and Conan) and have read a few of his Kane stories, but I'm not familiar enough with the character to know how far Bassett deviates from the source material, although Howard purists say it's too far (yeah, like Stone's version of Conan didn't deviate). Whatever the case, the hero in the movie looks and acts like Howard's Solomon Kane and the costuming and locations are exemplary; the cast is good as well. The tone is a mixture of historical grit and comic book cartoonish-ness, the latter mainly in regard to the sorcery elements and villains (Isabel Bassett, James Babson, Samuel Roukin, Jason Flemyng, etc.).

This is a story of redemption as Kane, a murdering, lucre-loving privateer, is transformed after facing evil incarnate and taking a vow of peace. He ultimately becomes a Puritan avenger where the salvation of his soul is contingent upon rescuing a Puritan girl. While the plot is good, the mounting unbiblical gobbledygook is convoluted, eye-rolling and unnecessary.

I thought I'd love this film and it IS great to look at and has a quality score. You can't beat the grim tone, the awe-inspiring locations and the excellent costuming and post-Medieval sets. Moreover Purefoy is perfect as the mysterious protagonist. Unfortunately, it's all for naught as the storytelling is unabsorbing and the characters are dull, except for maybe Kane. It's also listless and predictable. In other words, Bassett got everything right EXCEPT the script. What a shame and a waste. For comparison, imagine the 2011 version of "Conan the Barbarian," but a few notches LESS interesting and you'd have a good idea of "Solomon Kane." Still, it LOOKS awesome.

THE MOVIE RUNS 104 minutes and was shot in the Czech Republic and England.


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