Soldiers of the Damned


Action / Horror / Thriller / War

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Gil Darnell as Major Kurt Fleischer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gobluewolverines 1 / 10

Do not waste your time

I went out of my way to look up this movie after I watched it to try to figure out what the hell I just watched. After looking it up I was still so shocked the people that made it thought "people are going to love this!" that I had to then create an account for this website and spread the word that I would rather stick a bee hive on my head than to watch that again. The people that gave this a good review... what? How? Did we watch the same thing? The entire movie made no sense at all. Nothing was ever explained to the audience. Random ghost things, seeming like people died twice, people just vanishing into ashes, random scars and seeming like people were possessed? Just made absolutely no sense from start to finish. I've never seen a worst movie and this is my first and will be my last movie review. It was that bad I took the time to take a dump on it just to save someone the 99 minutes of their lives. You're welcome

Reviewed by JohnAU1965 1 / 10

Soldiers of the Disappointly Dreary, Dodgy and Dull

Forget the complaints about British accents on German soldiers, forget the complaints about Indian tomahawks being wielded by a German with alleged native American blood (untermensch anyone?), forget the fact this is low budget.

The movie is a dreary, disjointed load of garbage simply put. The acting is wooden and cliched and, whilst the actors are dressed appropriately for their roles, their actual way of wearing said uniforms or behaving around weapons is amateur at best. One gets the feeling that their 'military & technical advisor' was a pre-teen who had played CoD WW2 on campaign mode.

Add to this, a high school drama club production team and cast and you have the perfect recipe for utter tripe.

This hasn't got a cute twist, a solid performance by any cast member, an interesting storyline or anything else to hold the viewer's attention. Those suggesting there are little nuances to explain the plotline must either be working for the production studio or have a plentiful supply of hallucinogenic drugs.

This is 'old school horror / sci fi'. The is immature, hackneyed dross.

Reviewed by spoken 7 / 10

A background in old sci-fi and paying close attention help

I just watched this on Amazon Prime and I appear to be the 12th reviewer, so I'll offer some viewing tips.

In short, when one group enters a haunted forest to reclaim a supernatural relic for Hitler's occult researchers and goes missing another group is sent in. We learn why they want the relic and some nasty stuff about the SS, too.

First of all, the movie's story-line is fine if you've ever read old science fiction: people can appear to be killed in one place/time yet become part of another place/time with knowledge of the first. But you won't always see that played out as soldiers have to make split-second decisions to shoot now then talk later (but maybe no one's left to hear, or you have a reason to hide what you know).

Ignore the anachronisms. You're not going to find an adviser for historical accuracy on a small budget, so why worry? Spoiler: The soldier with the tomahawk has some Native American blood, so he has the weapons and expertise to use blades as killing tools. It is explained, but other reviewers apparently missed that conversation.

Most importantly, you absolutely must pay attention to the little clues along the way or you'll miss something hugely important.

Now that the boards are gone and no questions are being answered in the FAQ I'm hoping more reviewers will chime in with spoilers and tidbits of helpful info. Remember to tick the box if you don't want to see spoiler reviews.

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