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Magda Apanowicz as Jennifer Miller
Michael Hogan as Fred Baker
Leanne Lapp as Mary
Laura Harris as Beth Miller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 6 / 10

Snowmageddon: Above par scyfy original

Just as I was getting the smell of xmas spice candles out of my clothes along comes a wintery christmas movie courtesy of the Scyfy channel.

This Canadian made movie stars Laura "The Faculty" Harris and tells the odd tale of a snow globe that inflicts natural disasters on the town.

Scyfy originals have a really bad rap, I personally find them entertaining enough with the rare exceptions (Sharknado I'm looking at you). I consider them charming dumb fun and this is a fine example.

Snowmageddon is slightly above par, yes it has weak sfx and yes the whole thing is head scratchingly stupid in places but there is certainly entertainment to be found.

If you like Scyfy's goofy movies then you'll like this, if not then perhaps steer clear.

The Good:

Some good ideas

Cast do a great job

Scyfy charm

The Bad:

Usual ropey sfx

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

I assume after he threw the globe into the lava the eagle picked him up right Gandalf?

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

The usual nonsense, rolled out once more...

Another week, another cheesy disaster flick from the SyFy Channel, shot in Canada as many of them are and with few redeeming qualities to recommend it. This one's about a family who receive a snow globe as a gift and soon discover that whatever happens in the globe happens in real life; they're caught in blizzards, ice storms and the like, and must fight for survival.

This is the usual run-of-the-mill type production in which an imperilled family are the focus of the story. All of the family members are either boring or unlikeable, so getting excited about the precarious situations in which they find themselves is difficult indeed. SNOWMAGEDDON plays out as a series of cheesy CGI spectacles, with vehicles and homes dropping into volcanoes and the like, and none of it is believable for a second. There aren't even any old time actors down on their luck to enjoy. Plus the whole snow globe angle is introduced and then dropped with little to no explanation; it's pretty annoying.

Reviewed by Bryan Kluger 3 / 10

'Snowmageddon' is good if you want a big laugh.

After viewing 'Snowmageddon', I realized one thing. That this so called movie titled 'Snowmageddon' does not involve a scenario worthy of the title of 'Snowmageddon'. It's like 'Halloween 3', you know the one without Michael Myers as the bad guy. 'Snowmageddon' is a SYFY original film and combines an asinine plot, terrible acting, and even worse special effects. I'd say they special effects are just a half step up from the effects in 'Birdemic: Shock and Terror'.

When I first heard the title and saw the cover art, I expected a certain type of disaster film. One that involved tons of snow and an end of the world scenario. Boy, was I wrong. However, I actually laughed out loud when I witnessed what caused 'Snowmageddon' to happen. The cause of 'Snowmageddon' is a toy snow globe. I'll repeat that. The cause of 'Snowmageddon' is a toy snow globe. I'll explain.

The film takes place in Normal, Alaska and centers around the Miller family. The father (David Cubitt) is the sheriff, the mother is a helicopter pilot (Laura Harris), and their two kids Jennifer (Magda Apanowicz) and Rudy (Dylan Madzke). It's almost Christmas time when a mysterious package disguised as a present appears on the Miller's doorstep. Rudy opens the package and discovers that it's a snow globe with an exact replica of their town trapped inside.

One flick of the wrist, a turn of the crank, and couple shakes of the snow globe and all hell breaks loose, or a version of mediocre hell breaks loose in the form of small earthquakes, tiny avalanches, and icebergs and rocks coming up from the ground. The earthquakes only cause minor damage with a few people getting injured because they are too stupid to get out of the way. There was an avalanche, but luckily the few people that were in the path of the avalanche either dodged it or were in a giant snow plow car and almost immediately rescued. And all of these evil disasters (I don't say natural), because these disasters always abruptly ended once someone died or was injured.

Fred (Michael Hogan from 'Battlestar Galactica), the local toy store owner seems to know a little bit about the snow globe. He tells people that the snow globe is cursed and that the only solution is to toss the evil snow globe into a fiery volcano in the same vein of 'Lord of the Rings'. And yes, this all happens in the span of 89 minutes.

All logic and accountability is wasted on this movie. With a title like 'Snowmageddon', I expect tons of snow killing people and an apocalyptic type of scenario. There was none of that here. The special effects looked like they were made by somebody's teenage cousin and the acting was laughable. But what do you expect from a creative team that have produced such titles as 'Ice Quake', 'Mega Cyclone', and 'Mongolian Death Worm'. The only way I would ever watch this again would be if the good folks at Rifftrax were to riff this film. Stay away from this movie.

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