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Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Edward Snowden
Shailene Woodley as Lindsay Mills
Scott Eastwood as Trevor James
Nicolas Cage as Hank Forrester
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jpeel-37981 10 / 10

Our generations George Washington real history in the making

I don't think everyone is understanding how important this is. We need to do something about this. We are all at risk, these are god like powers given to men. Never in history has their been a power this great. The control of all information is possible with these tools. They have done this in 15 years ! What will happen in another 15 years? When they have started making other decisions for you. In a world where cars drive them selfs and robots fight are wars ? Defend Snowden like you would defend yourself....... because...... Get ready for this.... You are

Ask yourself this?

if a man can be punished for simply telling the truth. Or in this case, informing us of something we all know to be wrong. What can those same powers do to you. If one day you decided to tell on it ?

The way you help may-be small.... It may be big. But this man information deserves to be shared.

Reviewed by Peter Titan 10 / 10

Excellent movie, well worth the price of admission.

Very well made movie, very well acted, and directed.

Going in I was worried that the movie would turn into an action thriller or a love story that would cloud what really happened.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a step by step account of real events with a deep look at what goes on behind the scenes at the various spy agencies.

Personally I would have liked a little more time spent on the politicians (and other behind the scenes players) and how they acted before and after the Snowden revelations, but maybe that's a topic for another movie…

I would recommend this movie to anyone interested in modern history and geopolitics…

Reviewed by 8 / 10

Riveting! Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives an Oscar-worthy performance.

The great director who's not afraid to tackle matters of war, conspiracy and controversial American political issues, has returned. Only this time, Oliver Stone has upgraded his latest film's look and tone to make it seem more digitally advanced, which is fine because it fits the story of Edward Snowden and we're living in this day and age where every millennial's favorite series happens to be "Mr. Robot." SNOWDEN, as you've guessed it, is a thriller about the whistleblower and former intelligence contractor, Edward Snowden, played in this film by the talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt. "Divergent" star, Shailene Woodley plays his girlfriend, Lindsay Mills, who stays by his side through his ordeals of working for the government due to his patriotism while at the same time feeling conflicted about how the government runs its methods in the name of national security. This film dramatizes the events that led Snowden to becoming one of the most wanted men in the world.

First, I have to give praises to Joseph Gordon-Levitt who I think went above and beyond in not only capturing Edward Snowden's mannerism and the way he speaks but my goodness, Gordon-Levitt's performance in this film is so calculating and precise, you can see his brains constantly work itself out, just by looking at him. And Shailene Woodley gives her most mature performance yet, because this film is more than just about the whole surveillance controversy, it's also about how that negatively affects Snowden & Mills relationship and I think it's fairly handled, both aspects don't take away or diminish each other's importance in the process.

When it comes to the film's dramatizing the U.S. and British global surveillance program, I'm sure there'll be questions as to how authentic the portrayal is, as far as the headquarters are concerned, for example, some may see it as a bit too much like a Bond villain's secret lair, but you'll be entertained by some of the visual effects that the film applies to showcase hacking and how one person can connect to another person and to another person and what's most fascinating about it is that there's a programmer watching the whole thing the entire time.

So SNOWDEN is essentially part conspiracy thriller, part relationship drama, and to a certain extent, part heist. Overall, I think it's a riveting film that keeps you engaged and more importantly gets you thinking, which I think is the goal of Oliver Stone's movies. Does the film lean one way in that it paints Edward Snowden as a hero? I think so, but not in a way that intentionally judges those who at the end still think of him as a traitor. SNOWDEN might cause audiences to become more paranoid or it might cause audiences to start supporting any effort to hold our government accountable. The jury's still out.

-- Rama's Screen --

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